Four-Legged Fogheads

Pet Food Express and KFOG will be featuring a new Four-legged Foghead every other Friday on the air!

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Freckles, a gorgeous, tri-colored 10-years-young Australian Shepherd, has got it all: looks, brains and a big heart!

Meet Freckles!

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


Freckles is available for adoption from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue now, and he still has plenty of get-up-and-go and would love to go for walks or make visits to the local dog park. He’s wonderful with other dogs and co-exists peacefully with cats, too! Freckles wants to share his love and affection with everyone he meets. Now, he needs to find a forever home where his human companion or family will show him that same love and affection in return.

Meet this beautiful, sweet boy today! Please visit for more information about Freckles and other adoptable senior dogs!

Posted for Friday, September 14

Six-year-old Petey is ready to dance into your heart.kfog logo

4-Legged Foghead, Petey

This butterfly-eared Papillion/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix loves being around other dogs! He is an energetic, affectionate fellow and does great on leash walks—or entertaining himself with toys. He sits on command, dances and walks on his hind legs and loves a tasty treat. 

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Petey would do well with children older than toddlers and would enjoy having another dog companion. He loves the dog park, and sometimes barks at things he is not familiar with—like the doorbell. Petey is available for adoption from Grateful Dogs Rescue.

Please visit our website at to submit an adoption application for Petey or to find out more about their adoption process.

Posted for Friday, August 31st

Tim McGraw, the 2-year-old German Shepherd, will put a song in your heart.kfog logo

tim McGraw

He is about 75 pounds, a bit thin, and will be about 80-85 lbs. when matured. Tom is happy, playful, active, submissive in his overall nature, loves other dogs and has good food drive. He is generally quiet and does have a good alarm bark. This gorgeous Shepherd is crate trained, quiet at night in his crate and does not chew or dig or jump fences. He loves playing with other dogs, so should be good in a multiple-dog home.gsgsr logo

Tim is available for adoption now from Golden State German Shepherd Rescue! Visit for more info. and for more available Shepherds!

Posted for Friday, August 17th

Aloha! Janey is a 1-year-old little spitfire of a Chihuahua!kfog logo

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She is available for adoption from Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA). Upon arrival to the shelter, she immediately made an impression on the staff due to her sweet disposition and cute little face. Not only does Janey like to run around the yard and act silly, but she really enjoys cuddling up on laps and getting tummy rubs, too!

Janey has shown to be quite fond of both her human and canine companions, and would make an amazing addition to a wonderful family. To adopt Janey, contact SVACA at 408-764-0344 or visit SVACA is also having a Hawaiian-themed adoption event on Aug. 11—with name your own adoption fees!

Posted Friday, August 3rd

Meet Gomer, a handsome, 4-month-old white and brown Snowshoe kitten!
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Meet Gomer!
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Gomer is a sweet boy with a great outlook on life. He is outgoing, curious and fearless. He tries to beat up the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis! Gomer gets along great with other adult cats.  He really enjoys a good wrestling session with them and is never intimidated by the size difference. Gomer is just a great, all around kitten! He is available from Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue. Visit to find out about adopting Gomer or other cats or dogs from Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Posted Friday, July 20th

Chuck, a handsome, 5-year-old male Cairn Terrier mix is the newest Four-legged Foghead!

chuck image

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He is available from the East Bay SPCA Oakland Adoption Center and he is a fun-loving, happy fellow!spca logo

Chuck gets along with other dogs and would thrive with a family that can spend time playing, taking him for walks and keeping him motivated with toys and games.


Posted Friday, June 8th

Lyla is one of the brightest and most charming little dogs you are likely to meet!
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The challenge will be keeping this intelligent young lady occupied both mentally and physically. Because she is not only athletic but eager to learn, almost any k-9 sport will be enjoyable for you both. Try agility, flyball, or Nosework. You can also make up your own games to play indoorsmarin humane society logo on a rainy day. She really enjoys a good game of tug with a soft rope and she has a natural out.

Lyla is very active and will enjoy lots of daily exercise. She would make a great running dog. She loves her treats and is very smart so she will be fun and easy to train. She is affectionate and wants to be an integral part of an active family who will appreciate her charm and talents.

Lyla is available for adoption from Marin Humane Society in Novato. Visit for more information about Lyla and other adoptable pets!


Posted Friday, May 25th


Our latest Four-legged Foghead is Cheeto, the 5-year-old Lab!kfog logo

cheeto images

golden gate labrador retriever rescue logo

Cheeto’s owners are moving out-of-state and cannot keep him, so Golden Gate Labrador Rescue is helping him find a new home. Cheeto is blind, so he has been a little harder to place. He gets along with kids, but we don’t know about cats. He is a little more than 100 pounds and could use to lose a little weight—but just passed his vet’s wellness exam! 

With the right family, some training and exercise, Lab Rescue is confident Cheeto can thrive. Do you have some room in your heart for a big ol’, sweet, lover boy Lab?

If interested, you can contact Lab Rescue’s Ronnie at 408-738-0841.

Posted Friday, May 11th


Powellkfog logo

powell and owner images

Posted Friday, April 27th


Find love in your “Heart” with this gorgeous, 1-year-old spayed rabbit.KFOG logo

Heart Foghead image

Heart is a delightful mix of beauty and brains! Did you know rabbits can learn their names, play with toys, use a litter box like a cat and will bond to their human guardians for life?

Heart is looking for her loving forever home with people who will allow her to be a pampered indoor house rabbit. No outside hutches for this lady! After some fun time running and playing in your home, she'd love to sit next to you on the sofa and watch some TV.

saveabunny logo

Heart, like most rabbits, is more fragile than a cat or dog. Rabbits are typically not a good choice for families with children under 5 years old. With proper care, house rabbits can live to be more than 10 years old. The most compassionate and cost-effective way to adopt a spayed or neutered rabbit is to adopt from a rescue group or local animal shelter. Find Love in Your Heart!

If you are ready to bring some love and joy into your home, Heart is your girl! Contact Marcy at SaveABunny rabbit rescue at 415-388-2790 or visit SaveABunny's Web site at to learn more about adopting a rescued rabbit, volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation.

Posted Friday, March 30th 

Meet Shami, a 5-year old long-haired brown & white cat.

Shami image

She is already spayed and very affectionate. Shami was found wandering the streets and reported to be injured. After treatment for flea allergy and a close watch on her diet, she is doing well. She likes being picked up, offers a loud purr to show her affection, and would enjoy being the

contra costa county animal services logo

queen of a household. Her beautiful fur will require regular brushing to keep it luxurious and mat-free. She agrees—and allows long brush sessions.

Shami is available at our Cat Adoption Center at the Walnut Creek store. You can visit Shami or other adoptable cats there 7 days a week! Contra Costa Animal Services are the “Animal Cops,” rescuing animals from unwanted and abused situations, helping to find homes for thousands of animals that come through their two shelters every year. See all of their animals available for adoption at Also, find them on Facebook at

Posted Friday, March 16th


Meet Coconut, a 6-year-old, 6-pound female Chihuahua mix.

coconut imageKFOG logo

Coconut arrived at Peninsula Humane Society as a somewhat fearful stray in November. They’ve made her healthy and taught her how to love and trust humans again!

peninsula humane society & spca logo

Today, she’s a friendly, outgoing, playful girl and good leash-walker who loves toys. She has a lot of energy, but is also gentle. She would be a good match for someone who has never had a dog. She can get along with other dogs and children of any age—but not sure about cats. She 

would likely benefit greatly from obedience training, so they are making that a mandatory part of her adoption.

And, best of all, she qualifies for Peninsula Humane’s current “Sweet Deal.” They are waiving the adoption fee for all chocolate, toffee, caramel and golden Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes.

To find out more information or to adopt Coconut please visit:

Posted Friday, March 2nd


Merlin, the newest Four-legged Foghead, is about to cast a spell on the airwaves this Friday!


Meet Merlin at Pet Food Express - Market Street  


Meet Merlin, a 4-year-old Longed-Haired neutered male cat who is friendly, social and has a gorgeous gray and white coat. Merlin is a special medical adoption due to having a cataract in his left eye. His eye does not bother him but he should be kept indoors and have regular check-ups 

sfacc logo

as he gets older. Merlin has a lovely personality: he’s curious, loves attention and loves to be petted. Merlin was a stray kitty picked up in the Outer Sunset about a month ago. He is currently available for adoption at SF Animal Care & Control’s Cat Adoption Center located in our  San Francisco - Market Street store (1975 Market St.).

Posted Friday, February 20th



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