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My Mutt of the Month... "Heidi"

Heidi's Story

Heidi came to us as a result of a search for a large male dog to be a companion to our rambunctious rescue Border collie mix, Lily. As a 30 pound Dachshund-shepherd (!) mix, described as “one of a kind”, Heidi is a perfect example of the benefits of keeping your options open. We first saw Heidi at the Oakland Animal Shelter, in a pen with another dog and looking quite forlorn. She wouldn’t come forward to be patted but she wasn’t the big male dog we were searching for anyway.

Two weeks later, at a mobile adoption in front of Pet Food Express on 51st street, our paths crossed again. We were told that a male Shepard mix would be there, so we brought Lily along to meet her prospective companion. When we arrived we found out the Shepard had already been adopted. Heidi, was there, however, being walked by a volunteer and acting much perkier. Who could resist reaching down to pat this adorable mixture of short legs and sturdy body? You can guess the rest. Up came the big brown eyes, out came the adoption papers.

Heidi came home with us and wasted no time acclimating herself to our home . She let Lily know that although she wasn’t a large male, she could easily keep up with her. At eleven years old, she’s a great teacher of “attitude is everything”! As for the large male dog?—He was adopted a little later . But “Chase” is another rescue story…...


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My Mutt Program

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