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My Mutt of the Month... "Jake"

Jake's Story

Last Year I was stopping at PFE to pick up dog food for my current dogs when I noticed DPS was having an adoption event. I saw Jake and knew I had to have him. Jake was born blind and was being passed up by so many adopters because of his handicap. I instantly fell for him and knew I was the one who could give him his forever home. At first it was alittle difficult. I wore bells on my ankle so he would know where I was in the house and would be able to follow me easily until he learned the layout of his new home. On walks I began using the command "Up and Down" when we came to a curb so he would know he had to jump up or down. Flash forward several months and Jake now is able to walk 2 miles and doesn't skip a beat when he comes to a curb. He gets the "up" command and he jumps on the curb without hesitation. He can navigate the house without difficulty and play chase with his brothers in the yard.

Jake started making fleece blankets (with his mommy) and donated them to DPS to be used for dogs that haven't found their forever home. His blankets became so popular that he started to sell them at the adoption events with DPS at PFE and donates all the money to DPS so they are able to save more dogs that have special needs or an ailment that once fixed would make a dog a wondeful companion. He has been able to save the leg of a dog that would have had to have it amputated, the eye of a dog that was scheduled to have the eye removed because of an overwhelming infection and countless other things for DPS. Jake has his blankets (Jake's Blankets) in stores in Willow Glen, doggie boutique's in Campbell and a doggie daycare in Palo Alto & Sunnyvale. He has been able to present over $4000.00 to DPS and continues to grow in followers (even has his own Fb page). 

I feel so fortunate that DPS took a chance on a little blind dog that day and allowed me to adopt him that we have made it our mission to help as many rescue dogs as we can and sell as many blankets as we can make. Jake spreads "rescue awareness" everywhere he goes.


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