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My Mutt of the Month... "Kamakazie"

Kamakazie's Story

Kamakazie came to the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society (BEBHS) when she was about 2 weeks old. Some kind person found this single little kitten on the streets cold and sickly. Since this person was only a couple of blocks away from BEBHS, she brought this little soul to our hospital for help. We were not sure if she would survive having upper respiratory, diarrhea, extreme low body temperature and being only 2 weeks, everything was against her. BEBHS hospital staff got her stabled and then released into foster care. The foster parent helped Kamakazie through her illnesses with the help of our BEBHS hospital staff.

Kamakazie's name came about from her over-the-top, outgoing personality. lWhile up for adoption, volunteers found her to be a bit of a challenge, as she loved to play hard and long and we could burn up her energy. She also loved to play with the other kitties which some of them also found her to be a challenge. Her diarrhea came back, so she again had to go into foster care.

Working at an animal shelter, staff has a habit of caring for the needy dogs and cats, so I felt I needed to take her home to foster her. The plan was to bring her back when she was better but she never really got rid of her health problem due to what happened to her as a very young kitten.

It is both a hazard and a blessing working at the shelter. Kamakazie fit right in with our family, both humane and furry family members. She is the most endearing kitty and we never had a second thought of adopting her.

To date she still is a over-the-top playful kitty and her favorite toy is your hair, especially if you have lots of goop on your hair, better than catnip. And she endears herself into every ones heart who meets her.


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