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Kenya's Story

Rescue a Life and It May Save Yours – a Story about Kenya the Collie Mix Saving her Rescuer’s Life

Kenya was adopted as a 4 month old rescue from NorCal Collie Rescue.  Her life began orphaned and tenuous as she was dropped off at Stanislaus County  Animal Control in January 2008 with 3 siblings.  When Karen Boselly of Collie Rescue arrived, she noticed immediately that the litter was not full breed Collie, but rather a Collie/Cattle Dog mix – not the typical dog Collie Rescue takes in.  However when Karen learned that Animal Control was exterminating the puppies at the end of the day, she decided to take the puppies home.  Within 2 weeks Kenya became part of Craig and Ellen’s family – little did we know that adopting the “runt of the litter” with her submissive shy disposition, that Kenya would transform into Craig’s protector and defender under threat of gun violence. 

On April 11. 2012 in a quiet community only houses away from Governor Brown’s residence, Craig took Kenya out for her last “daily business.”  In the midst of their nightly routine, a car stopped and two men got out and approached Craig and Kenya.  While Craig and Kenya were able to cross the street into their gated yard, the men did not hesitate, pointed a gun and shot Craig.  Craig, wounded, crossed the threshold of his front door running for safety, while Kenya on high alert defended our property line refusing the men to pass the gate.  Captured all on video surveillance, Kenya transformed herself from the hesitant, shy, affectionate family dog, into Craig’s rescuer and savior.  While apparently not afraid of guns and violence, the two armed men were scared off by our 42lb loyal Collie mix.  Channel 4 news did not miss the opportunity to declare “From Rescued to Rescuer, Family Dog Saves Owners Life” showing viewers all over the Bay Area how truly this Dog was our Man’s Best Friend!

While Kenya has always been our hero, she is now recognized as an “Official Emotional Support Animal” from the National Service Animal Registry to support our family’s healing from this traumatic event.

Thank you Karen and Collie Rescue for saving Kenya’s life who in turned saved ours.


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