My Mutt Stories: Lucky


My Mutt of the Month... "Lucky"

Lucky's Story

Lucky was spotted by Katya, in Los Angeles, chained up on a driveway without even a bed to lie on.  She stopped to see if there was any way she could care for him and over a week convinced the owners to allow her to take him for veterinary care and re-home him.  He was flea infested, malnourished and had an eye infection.  Katya raised enough money to enable his care at L. A. Village Vet's.  Over a couple of weeks they all got him in good enough health for Muttville to agree to rescue him.  Katya arranged for transport to the Bay Area where he was homed with Karen and Addie, a foster family from Muttville

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

We lost our rescued senior to cancer and were looking for a dog that needed a good home.  We saw him on the Muttville website and asked to meet him.  Karen brought him to us and we fell in love with him immediately.  Now he sleeps in his new mom's bed (with an electric blanket) and has multiple dog beds throughout the house to rest his old bones.  Thanks to the doggy dentist, he no longer has a mouth full of broken and abscessed teeth.  And, thanks to Pet Food Express, he has good raw, canned and dehydrated whole food to make him thrive.

And has he thrived!  His coat has filled back in and it is soft and silky.  He’s put on weight and his eyes and ears are clear and normal.  And he lives with the unbridled joy of the discovery of life as a dog that is loved and cherished.  He epitomizes what rescue is all about and we wanted to share our joy and thank Lucky’s angels.  And we want to recognize the tireless efforts of animal activists everywhere who strive to make the world a better place for all of us.  THANK YOU!

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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