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My Mutt of the Month... "Maggie"

Maggie's Story

We have wonderful stories told every month how the employee’s at PFE go above and beyond to help our customers, and animal shelters.  This month, I was the one being helped in the most unexpected way.

My story begins in the middle of last month.  My black lab Jake was not feeling well, and for the first time in his life, was not able to keep anything down.  I took him to the vet thinking he had some sort of obstruction to find out he had a very large tumor in his liver, and he had just a few days to live at most.  I made a very difficult decision to have him put down that night.  As you can imagine, the Holiday season was a little difficult for me this year.

On Wednesday 1/5/11, Jenni came into our store with Maggie and was talking to Ronald about finding Maggie a good home.  I just started my shift and was coming out from the warehouse, and Ronald asked me if I wanted to give Maggie a home, and help my healing process of loosing Jake all in one fell swoop.  Needless to say I was surprised.  Ronald was kind enough to allow me to speak with Jenni and her mom, and spend time with Maggie.  I really thought about it, and decided to take Maggie the next day.

The Campbell staff has been wonderful.  They took Maggie in, and were dedicated to finding Maggie a new home.  They made sure she was medically sound, and put her on an excellent diet of raw foods.  They are taking care of all of her medical needs; and giving me a healthy/happy dog.  All I can say is they gave me the best present I could have asked for this year.  PFE turned all of their kindness and support to one of their own in need; and it is greatly appreciated with heart- felt gratitude.

Now I know you all can’t wait to hear Maggie’s story from Maggie herself and thanks to Jenni from Campbell, she can tell you.

Jessica (AM from Campbell) and Kellyn (AM from San Jose), were driving near the San Jose store, and almost hit me because I was running around in the street.  Silly me!  They both got out of the car, and chased after me for approximately one hour before I let them catch me. I just plain got tired of running and I was really curious.  I was really matted, and had to get shaved to take out all of my mats.  Jessica and Kelly brought me home, and within a couple of days the other AM (Samantha) from the Campbell store took me in because she fell in love with me.  Unfortunately Samantha decided to find me a home that fit my needs better.  You see her other dog is very energetic, and Samantha noticed that her other dog just had way too much energy for me.  I will miss her.  So, that’s when Jenni took me in to find me a new home that I would love, and that is how I met Dani.  Jenni took care of me until Dani could get me  at Pleasanton’s  “Breakfast with the Boss” Sunday 1/9/11, and now I’m in my knew home, with my new family of cats.  By the way, I really enjoyed “Breakfast with the Boss.”  I had lots of people loving on me, and I loved all of the attention.  I also have an extended family of English Mastiff’s and King Charles Cavalier’s to play with; and I can’t forget Cooper.  Dani has promised as many play dates as Cooper wants, and I can’t wait for the first one.

Needless to say, Maggie had a lot of wonderful PFE peeps look after her, and because of their generosity, I have a wonderful new member of my family that gets to come in to work with me all of the time.  Keep on the lookout for Maggie, if you see me, good chances are she is not far behind.  Just ask to see her, and it can be arranged.  She loves all of the peeps at PFE.

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