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My Mutt of the Month... "Sebastian"

Sebastian's Story

Sebastian wasn't a stray, nor was he lost. Yet he found himself on death row at the Fresno Animal Shelter because his owners decided that after 4 years, they did not want him anymore. Dogs who are surrendered by their owners don't get much time (usually only 4 days) before they are euthanized. Fortunately for Sebastian, a volunteer from German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California was able to evaluate him in time.

Though some could argue that Sebastian has a touch of Great Dane in him, he is all German Shepherd in his intelligence and temperament and was taken into the program. Sebastian is a VERY large German Shepherd and was about 15 pounds overweight when he was rescued.

Sebastian can be a very protective dog and he will challenge other aggressive dogs. Though he was adopted out twice, he was returned both times due to these behavioral issues. His fosterers decided that after the second adoption fell through, that he could stay with them for the rest of his life. Sebastian now lives in Los Gatos, has 2 acres to protect, 2 older German Shepherds to keep him company and is a fit and trim 94 pounds.

It was a close call for Sebastian at the Fresno Shelter, but with a little help from German Shepherd Rescue, he made it to a wonderful life and will never have to worry about being dumped at the pound again!


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