Napa Earthquake

While we repair our store we want to do what we can to help.

At the Napa store, our staff has been giving away supplies to get pets what they need.  All of our stores will accept donations to pass through to the Napa Humane and the Napa County Animal Shelter. Napa Humane provides spay/neuter for the shelter before pets are re-homed.

Napa County California EarthquakeWe know that animals become frightened and run from home in situations like this. Pets will be lost and need to be found. Red Cross shelters take people displaced by unsafe housing but will not take pets. Families often need placement for pets while relocating.

Here is some information that we hope will be helpful:

Lost pets/ Pet housing
People looking for or seeking to house a lost pet are urged to contact the Napa County Animal Shelter.  They should call them at 707-253-4382 before taking animals in, or looking for their lost pet.
Napa County Animal Shelter
942 Hartle Court
Napa, CA

Napa Humane
People may make donations directly to Napa Humane:
BY PHONE-- (707) 255-8118 x205
BY MAIL--  Send donation to:  Napa Humane, Post Office Box 695, Napa, CA, 94559.

Napa Humane announced that they will share all donations that they receive equally with the Animal Shelter.

People may also make (non-tax deductible) donations at any Pet Food Express location:
Pet Food Express will match up to $10,000 in donations and will make sure that 100% of your donated funds get to the right place.

Napa Pet Food Express hours
The store is closing at 3PM on Sunday 8/24/14.  Our staff has been working tirelessly since early this morning.  We will be open for business as usual on Monday, 8/25.


My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

Donate to a rescue or shelter, and Pet Food Express will celebrate your gift with a My Mutt poster of your pet displayed in our store! Get details here

Adoptions to Date: 61595

Rescue a friend in need.

There are thousands of pets available from over 100 California rescue organizations, just waiting for your love. Find your match today! Search Adoptions

Rescue a friend in need.
Napa Earthquake
Napa Earthquake

While we repair our store we want to do what we can to help. Read more

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