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JOIN US DURING THE MONTH OF MAY for our annual Save a Kitten fundraiser at all our stores!

Thousands of homeless kittens are born locally each spring. You can help!Save A Kitten

Foster a kitten.

It's easy & fun for the entire family!

Visit our stores for information about your neighborhood's foster opportunities.


Save a Kitten is about saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of cute and cuddly kittens born homeless throughout the state of California each year. Your local animal shelter or SPCA cannot handle the volume, so foster homes are critical helping these kittens survive. Your neighborhood PFE is helping by collecting much-needed supplies and monetary donations, as well as providing new foster homes help with our free pre-wean kitten kits.

We would love to see 100 kittens cared for in new foster homes, and to collect enough supplies and monetary donations to feed 1,000 homeless kittens during Save a Kitten!

Our Save a Kitten program provides food, supplies, toys and financial aid to dozens of organizations in Northern California. Just last year, with your help, we raised $86,000 for shelters and cat rescue organizations to help them during "kitten season."

Save a Kitten Annual Fundraiser

Here's a little history on how this all got started at Pet Food Express.  While cats can have between 2-4 litters per year,  the spring months are the most common when breeding takes place. This has become known as "kitten season" for the huge number of kittens born in the spring to both domestic and feral cats. These numbers are in the tens of thousands just in Northern California every spring.

So, the local shelters and cat rescue groups easily get overwhelmed with the number of kittens being turned in. Save a Kitten is designed to help both provide food, formula and other needed supplies for these kittens. And the monetary donations help pay for spay and neuter programs and other needs.

The other huge need is for foster homes for the kittens that need to be bottle fed every 2 hours as well as kittens of all ages (that just need extra love and attention until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and put up for adoption). Spay and neuter programs are critical as a cat can become pregnant as young as 4 months of age. An un-spayed female cat and her offspring can produce over 400,000 kittens in her lifetime.

Pet Food Express' Save a Kitten Program


How can you help? Well, the most fun way to help is to become a foster family to some kittens for a few weeks (you can even request kittens that are old enough that they don't need to be bottle fed). Just about every shelter and cat rescue group needs fosters all year but especially in the spring. Also, during the month of May, Pet Food Express will be accepting donations of kitten food, formula, litter and other supplies at all of our stores. For a little extra incentive, we'll give you 20% off anything you donate to the Save a Kitten fundraiser. We'll also be accepting monetary donations. Click here for a link to an article about Save a Kitten.

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My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

All you have to do is donate to a rescue or shelter, and Pet Food Express will say THANK YOU with a giant My Mutt portrait of your pet! Click here for more.

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Rescue a friend in need.

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Rescue a friend in need.
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