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“It was early in September of 2013 when a man found a litter of tiny kittens in a bush, and took them to a nearby shelter where unfortunately they would not be able to take them in. However, a family happened to be at the shelter when he arrived, and they told the man that they 

“But when she heard that they would be euthanized she only said, ‘Where do I pick them up?’”

would take the kittens, and find a shelter that would be able to accommodate them. The family worked hard to find them a long-term home, visiting a number of shelters, but at their final stop they were told that if these really young kittens – who were estimated to be about ten days old - could not be placed with a foster family they would have to be euthanized. In desperation, they made one last call to a foster mom who had said she just couldn’t take on any more bottle babies. But when she heard that they would be euthanized she only said, “Where do I pick them up?”

Humane Society Silicon Valley

Her hard work began, and these little darlings were soon thriving under her wonderful care. (She gave them not just love but also names, with each kitten named after a kind of vacuum cleaner.  It was around this time that a donation was made to the Humane Society Silicon Valley, for which a My Mutt poster of Roomba was created and placed in the Fremont Store in order to encourage bottle baby fostering.

This is where I came in. Initially I didn’t think I would be able to adopt Roomba, because I was going to be traveling and would not be around to take care of her. But when the day came for the kittens to be adopted, I realized I wanted to make sure she had the best home. I gave in and adopted her. Because I was going to be away in Europe, Roomba went back home temporarily with her foster mom for more loving. However, while I was away Roomba became gravely ill. Again they did not think she would make it, and the vet said that she should be euthanized. I received the message letting me know the situation and asking what did I want to do, should they need to euthanize her.

With every fiber of my being I said no, no, no!

But I also did not want her to suffer and so I gave them the instructions of where to have her ashes sprinkled. This was extremely difficult as I had lost my wonderful cat Cassidy exactly one year before, and I already loved Roomba. But I was not the only one who loved this little cat: her foster mom loved her so much that she took her to the vet every day, and when I came home weeks later there was this beautiful healthy baby kitten.

Her foster mom had saved her life twice.

Today she is a household pet show cat, already ranking in the regionals. But more than that, she is truly a miracle.”

My Mutt Feature Story - Roomba

-Nancie D.

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My Mutt Program

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