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My Mutt

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While every attempt is made to honor your location requests, Pet Food Express retains the rights to determine the size of each print, relative to the location in which it will be displayed, and the store in which it will be displayed. Photography location is to be determined at the time the shoot is scheduled.


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  • *If you are submitting for multiple pets, you may fill out additional info for each pet at the bottom of the page.


In return for the production of a My Mutt poster of my pet, I hereby grant to Pet Food Express the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of my pet for My Mutt advertising and other charitable purposes, and in any manner and medium; and alter the same without restriction. I hereby release Pet Food Express and their legal representatives from all claim and liability relating to said photographs.

While we will do our best to meet store location requests, Pet Food Express retains the rights to location and placement. Customer agrees to work with the photographer in a timely manner, with photography appointments being made within 180 days of the initial application's completion. Donation receipt should be attached and include your name, the name of the organization, and the amount and date of donation. If you are submitting your proof of donation separately via an alternate method, please note that applications without donation receipts will be cancelled after 45 days, and must be resubmitted. Please indicate your acceptance of the above by initialing this box.

ADDITIONAL PET(S) - Please note: A $250 donation is required for every pet photographed

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My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

Donate to a rescue or shelter, and Pet Food Express will celebrate your gift with a My Mutt poster of your pet displayed in our store! About The My Mutt Program

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