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East Bay SPCA and Pet Food Express Kick Off “Home for the Holidays” Adoption Campaign

December 01, 2011

East Bay SPCA

Families urged to avoid surrendering pets during the holidays

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year, but they can also be a stressful time for animals and families. The East Bay SPCA says while some people are looking to add a new pet to their household, others drop their unwanted pets off at animal shelters. It's an odd situation that keeps shelter workers busy taking in animals and adopting them out. 

"Sometimes it seems like for every animal that gets adopted, another one gets surrendered," says East Bay SPCA (EBSPCA) Executive Director Allison Lindquist.

To help find shelter animals homes, East Bay SPCA has teamed up with Pet Food Express in Oakland to kick off a month-long "Home for the Holidays" adoption campaign, which runs December 1-30, 2011.  The first 250 adopters will receive a holiday $10 Pet Food Express gift card to help adopted pets start off on the right paw.

"The East Bay SPCA has a large variety of wonderful dogs and cats in need of good, loving homes," Lindquist says. "Our message to families who are thinking about bringing home a furry friend this holiday season is to consider adopting a pet from a shelter. Shelter animals make great pets and deserve a home for the holidays and beyond."

Those thinking about adopting a pet are invited to the EBSPCA's Adoption Centers in Oakland and Dublin Wednesday through Thursday from 1 PM to 8PM and Friday-Sunday 11 AM to 5PM. EBSPCA also operates an adoption center at Oakland City Center on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 11 am – 2:30 pm. "We encourage the entire family to spend time with the dog or cat they are interested in adopting to help ensure a good match," Lindquist explains. "Choosing to share your life with an animal requires careful consideration and a commitment to that pet that goes far beyond the holidays."

Cat adoptions are $50 and dog adoptions are $125. Lower adoption fees apply to EBSPCA's Club Second Chance animals – those that are older or have a medical condition. A select group of animals that have been at the shelter the longest will have their adoption fees waived. All animals at EBSPCA are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, temperament tested and medically evaluated before they are placed up for adoption. All animals in EBSPCA's Adoption program are kept until they are placed in a loving home.

Keeping People and pets Together

While the EBSPCA is hoping to find loving homes for 200 plus animals in December, the non-profit organization will have staff on hand to counsel families that are thinking of giving up their pet.

"It's sad but we do see people giving up their dog or cat this time of year because they're leaving town and can't find someone to care for the pet, or their pet's minor behavioral or medical condition becomes too much to handle so they drop the animal off at a shelter," Lindquist explains. She recalls one cat that was surrendered to the EBSPCA because he had accidents outside his litter box. It turns out the cat had a bladder stone that was causing the issue and it was easily removed. "Often times, there is a treatable medical condition that's causing an animal to act out," Lindquist explains.

EBSPCA has a full service Veterinary Clinic, an animal behavior help line, dog training classes and boarding available to the public. Lindquist urges people who are thinking of giving up their pets to utilize community resources like these before dropping off their pet off at a shelter. During the month of December, EBSPCA's Vet Clinic will offer $10 off a vet exam for pets 8 years and older.

"Often times, minor behavioral issues are related to treatable medical conditions that don't cost a lot of money to fix. We counsel families and work with them to seek a solution that benefits the animal and doesn't empty their wallet." Lindquist says animal shelters are already overcrowded this time of year so anything the EBSPCA can do to keep people and pets together a good thing.

About East Bay SPCA

The East Bay SPCA (EBSPCA) is a 501(c) 3 non profit committed to the welfare of cats and dogs in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. We strive to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals. We operate two pet adoption centers and two spay/neuter centers in Oakland and Dublin. We also offer dog training classes and humane education programs at both locations and provide a full-service veterinary clinic at our Oakland location. Additionally, we offer dog boarding at our Dublin location. The East Bay SPCA is one of the nation's oldest humane organizations, in operation since 1874, and receives no funding from any national organizations. More information about EBSPCA can be found at or by calling 510.569.0702.

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