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NoRooz Luck at the Presidio Height’s New Pet Food Express

February 14, 2011

Yahoo! Laurel Heights

The opening of the pet wash services at Pet Food Express in Presidio Heights is perfect timing for the beginning of the NoRooz. This New Year's Day celebration begins around the first day of spring every year and is celebrated in countries throughout southwest Asia like Iran, Armenia, India, and Afghanistan. Part of this seasonal celebration involves getting good luck for the new year by doing very specific activities that often seem strange at first.

A good example of specific activities that bring good luck involve helping the less fortunate by cleaning something for them. This act of cleaning for others to create good luck is called "khane tekani". It literally means to shake the house. Shaking and cleaning are the two actions that bring the most luck during NoRooz. We can take a cue from NoRooz traditions and continue these good luck practices in Presidio Heights.

As we all know, many homeless people offer a countless number of services to the neighborhood that make our lives easier and safer. Do you have a favorite homeless person in your neighborhood with a dog? A good way to tell them thank you for their contribution to your life is by giving them a gift certificate for a pet wash at Pet Food Express.

However, you don't give this to the homeless person's dog because you think their dog is dirty. Instead, the idea is that the dog will "shake" after a bath. It is the shake that will bring in the good luck. By doing this act, NoRooz traditions say that you give good luck to yourself, the other person, your dog, their dog, Pet Food Express, and every person who uses the pet wash thereafter.

Don't know anyone that celebrates NoRooz to get good luck? President Obama recognizes NoRooz and has posted a broadcasted message on for the past two years. In it, he gets good luck because he always wishes the Iranian People good luck despite the strained relationship between Iran and the US.

By Maryam Louise

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