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Pets on Parade

September 27, 2010

The Daily Journal San Mateo County

About 1,100 spectators viewed more than 500 participants and their festively garbed pets in the seventh annual Burlingame Pet Parade Saturday. For the first time, there was a Best Pet Trick contest and a Most Unusual Pet judging category.

The parade was sponsored by the Broadway Merchants Association, the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA and the Daily Journal.


Grand Prize Winners – The judges decided to award two Grand Prizes: one to “Eight Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” by children affiliated with the Burlingame Mothers Club and the other to the Graczewski family of Burlingame, who were dressed in U.S. Navy uniforms with their lab mix dog, Diggs. Each winner received a professional pet portrait valued at $450 from Pet Food Express.

Tim Graczewski, who had just returned from serving in Afghanistan the day before the parade, marched with his wife Cheryl and son Will. “Monkeys” in the group were Cora and Mika Haggarty, Amelia Krakow, Kohtaro and Kana Fukuda, Ella Chatterjee and Dylan Vaughn. Sheila Krakow played the role of “Mama” and Calvin Hanson was the doctor who said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” All of the children live in Burlingame. They were accompanied by Cooper, a chocolate lab.

Best Dressed Pet – Sienna, a brown standard poodle dressed as a flapper, won the Best Dressed Pet ribbon. She was dressed in a red-fringed outfit and had a feather headdress. Her owner is Joanne Palko of Redwood City.

Most Unusual Pet – 9-year-old Max Leininger and 6-year-old Kate Leininger of Burlingame won the Most Unusual Pet award for their three reptiles: a king snake, a corn snake and a tortoise named Little Bud.

Best Dressed Pet-Owner Combo – Jenn Mandel of Burlingame and her 11-year-old Maltese poodle, Sparky, won the Best Dressed Pet-Owner Combo award for their matching shower outfits. Both wore shower caps, shower curtains and yellow duckies. They had shower heads affixed to their heads with glittery “water” made of pipe cleaners.

Most Unusual Float or Group – “Space Pets” won the Most Unusual Float or Group ribbon. Dressed for outer space were the Diodati family of Burlingame, accompanied by Taz, a Pomeranian; Lady, a Westie; and Max, a Cavachon.

Best Pet Trick – Fiona, a miniature schnauzer owned by Kathy Kellman of Stockton, won the Best Pet Trick award for bringing her owner a Kleenex every time she sneezed.


Lisa Van Buskirk, VP of Development and Planned Giving, Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA

Jon Mays, editor, Daily Journal

Michael Levy, president and founder of Pet Food Express

Jacquie Cooke Haggarty, president of the Burlingame Mothers Club

By Nick Rose

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