Police dogs display their abilities at Pet Food Express

October 15, 2011

San Francisco Examiner, Shelley Frost

Artos is all black, long nosed, sharp eared with a serious stare most criminals would not want targeted on their backs.  But when Mallory, a 6 year old little girl runs up to the German Shepherd and snuggles into his furry neck, you know this dog has a soft side.

At three years of age, Artos has worked for the San Mateo County Sheriffs office as a K-9 unit for 1 1/2 years.  His partner, Deputy Mike Marty, is also the father of Mallory.  Artos, who lives with Marty and his family, will hopefully have a long career as a police dog, but even when he eventually retires, he will live with the Marty family for the rest of his life.

Artos, Morgan, and Max, all K-9 units, were at Pet Food Express in San Carlos to help raise funds for additional K-9 bullet-proof vests.  The dogs and their partners were showcasing their expertise at chasing down bad guys.

Pet Food Express will be donating all the proceeds raised from their self-service dog wash service to Cover Your K-9, which works to purchase the $1200 specially made canine bullet-proof vests.

Officer Marty says, "These vests are lightweight, easy to get on and off, with multiple clip points for leashes."  The dogs do not wear the vests as they patrol throughout the day - the vests are placed onto the dog once the officer ascertains that danger is imminent.

As the onlookers gathered to watch, Max demonstrated how he can leap directly from the Sheriff's vehicle, making a beeline for the bad guy (played by one of the officers), clamping his jaws onto the officers arm who was wearing a thick protective device used for training.

Artos showed how an everyday sit/stay can quickly elevate to charging then tackling a suspect.

Morgan, a 7 year old red bloodhound, impressed the onlookers with how his nose knows the way to finding a missing person or tracking down a wanted suspect.

To find out how you can donate towards equipment for these canine professionals, visit Cover Your K-9 or Pet Food Express.



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