So, You Want A Puppy?: What to think about before you adopt a puppy

March 04, 2011

Dublin Patch, Melissa Bonnel

Interested in adopting a puppy? That is great news! Keep in mind that there are many things you will need to prepare for before you bring your new canine companion home. These include purchasing necessary tools to train and play with your puppy, finding a good obedience school, and preparing your family and home. Being prepared for everything will help your puppy adjust properly and rapidly.

 When you head to the pet store, it may be overwhelming, especially if this will be your first puppy. I recommend going to Pet Food Express, all staff members are extremely knowledgeable and will help guide you towards the right purchase. If you already know what breed of dog you are interested in, choose a leash, collar, and harness that will fit best for the breed. Most pet stores have the option for you to match all three of these items, which is purely optional. Wait to purchase identification tags until you have picked out a name for your new dog. Next, find some good puppy food. Valley Humane Society recommends “Diamond”, which is high in protein and has no by-product. Toys are your next stop. Make sure to pick out toys that are choke proof and that will make your puppy think. For example, toys that you can stuff treats or peanut butter in for them to “figure out”. 

After you have purchased all of your supplies, go home and child-proof your house. Yes, I do mean child proof. Puppies are as active and as inquisitive as children are. They will figure out a way to get into anything! Your local hardware supply store can help you pick out some child proof locks for your cabinets. Also make sure that your cords are safe and not chewable.

 Lastly, before you bring home your puppy, choose schools that you can enroll your new puppy in once all of his or her shots are up to date. Two local obedience schools in Dublin are the East Bay SPCA and Laura for Dogs. The Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek also provides training classes for dogs of all ages.

 Remember to take your time and choose the puppy that is best for you! Do not choose a dog by the way he or she looks; make sure to take the time to make sure his or her personality will fit in with your home. Best of luck with your new family member and have fun!

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