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Valley Humane assists in dog rescue with Animal Planet Confessions: Animal Hoarding

April 20, 2011

Valley Humane Society

The sound of barking dogs echoes through the hallways of Valley Humane Society’s brand new animal adoption and education center. Although the Pleasanton animal welfare organization is still a few weeks away from moving into their new facility, they have taken on the task of assisting with a dog rescue, in cooperation with the Animal Planet Confessions: Animal Hoarding.

Ten mixed-breed dogs ranging in age from three months to four years were removed from a home in the Sacramento area on Monday, April 18 by a team from Valley Humane, with the cooperation of the dogs’ owner. “The owner voluntarily surrendered his dogs,” said Steve Glavan, Valley Humane Society’s Executive Director. “This was not a criminal case, and this individual and his family have taken steps to address this issue with our help.” According to Jereme Watt, producer for the Animal Planet program, “We wanted to work with a no-kill shelter with a strong reputation for animal care and placement and Valley Humane came highly recommended. They were sensitive to the situation, professional, and from watching them work we had the utmost confidence that all the animals would be cared for and find good homes.”

Valley Humane Society will be working with local experts and their own staff to assess the physical and behavioral condition of each of the dogs in the coming days, with the goal of making them available for adoption as they are ready. According to Glavan, “We know that a lot of people have a passion for animals that come out of situations like this. These are special dogs, and some may require patience and love to adjust, but we believe we can find a loving home for every one of them.” Valley Humane Society plans to update the progress of these dogs regularly on their Facebook site, as well as a blog, both of which are accessible from their website,

Glavan recognizes that taking on this project will stretch Valley Humane’s resources, but says the opportunity is too important to pass up. “We still need to raise a significant amount of money as we move into our new facility, but this is our mission. We are confident that the community will respond to support this effort, and the work that Valley Humane Society does on a regular basis.” Glavan says that he is not afraid to ask for support. He is asking people to give, and give generously to Valley Humane. “We need financial support, not only to move into our new facility, but to sustain the programs that are so vital to our community.” Local companies, including Murphy’s Paw and Pet Food Express, have already stepped up to provide supplies and volunteers to assist with the care of the rescued dogs.

The story will air on Animal Planet's new hit series “Confessions: Animal Hoarding.” The series explores stories of people who own more pets then they can care for.The problem of animal hoarding is little understood, but far more common than most people realize. There are over 3000 reported cases a year, and at least ten times that number that go unreported. The series brings families together to voluntarily find humane solutions that work for both pets and people.If you know someone who might be an animal hoarder, you can learn more

To learn how you can contribute directly to the ongoing care of the Valley Humane rescue dogs, or support Valley Humane Society’s ongoing programs, visit their website or call Valley Humane’s office at (925) 426-8656

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