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  • The Dangers of Foxtails

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health, Safety

    Foxtails are grass-like weeds that detach from the plant and stick to a person's clothes or an animal's hair due to the barbed fish-hook like structure. These plants pose a risk to pets as they can easily become lodged between… Read more

  • Four Secrets for Keeping your Reptile Healthy

    Filed in Fish/Reptile, Geckos , Lizards, Snakes, Turtles

    Ron Hines DVM PhD 9/18/03 Temperature, humidity, adequate natural sunshine and proper diet are the four great factors in success in keeping reptiles as pets. Problems I encounter pretty much come in the door in that order. When temperature drops… Read more

  • Chinchilla Training

    Filed in Small Animals, Chinchilla

    OK, so perhaps you can't train your chinchilla to sit, stay, roll over, or even fetch. But you can teach her to come when called and even enjoy being handled, although this may take some time, consistency and lots of… Read more

  • Vomiting, Sneezing (URI), and Kennel Cough

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    As a dog owner, no doubt you've noticed that your four-legged family member shares a host of human behaviors with you. However, some of these behaviors are more harmful to dogs than they are to us. Vomiting Vomiting is never… Read more

  • Mice | Common Health Problems

    Filed in Small Animals, Mice

    As a new mouse owner, you should be aware of several common health problems. Knowing more about obesity, overgrown incisors, tumors, common accidents, and several types of bacterial and viral infections will help you deal with these challenges should they… Read more

  • Essential Ferret Gear

    Filed in Small Animals, Ferret

    Getting a ferret is like bringing a newborn into your house in the sense that it starts a chain reaction of purchases. Instead of strollers, cribs, and pacifiers, it's wire cages, water bottles, and toys. Below is a general shopping… Read more

  • Carriers

    Filed in Small Animals, Bunny, Chinchilla, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mice, Rats

    Hamster, and other small pet, carriers are available in almost countless varieties. You will need to narrow down the field a bit when choosing one for your hamster. One of the best ways to do that is to determine the… Read more

  • Liver Disease

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    Some breeds of dogs, including West Highland white terriers, don't excrete copper from their systems the way they should, and this can lead to liver disease. More common causes for other breeds are viral and bacterial infections, poisonous substances eaten… Read more

  • Finding a Cat: Adoption Options

    Filed in Cats, Getting a New Kitten/Cat

    For people who are looking for a basic, loveable companion cat and who are not concerned about breeding or pedigree there are many low cost, community supported sources to acquire a new cat. Most communities provide animal shelters where stray… Read more

  • Liver Disease

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health

    Though not the most common disease in dogs and cats, Liver disease is still a challenging issue for many owners and pets. Some breeds of dogs, don't excrete copper from their systems the way they should, and this can lead… Read more

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My Mutt Program

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