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Allergies are tricky alien beings. They float around the skies looking for a place to land, or they hide themselves in food, just waiting for the chance to jump out and attack your cat's immune system. When digested or inhaled, they can produce all sorts of irritations for your cat, from bumps on the skin to respiratory problems.

The key to combating these alien allergies, can be as simple as eliminating certain particulars from your cat's environment and diet.

Certain food or food products, such as meats, soybean, cornmeal, fillers, dairy and seafood, can cause allergic reactions in your cat. The task comes in trying to figure out exactly what food is making your cat allergic, then eliminating it from its diet. Your veterinarian can perform tests to help locate the alien allergy.

After the mysterious allergy is found and removed, it's time for treatment. Treating the allergic reactions is twofold: treat the allergy that causes the skin problem by removing the substance responsible, then give anti-inflammatory drugs, such as cortisone, to reduce the hives, itching and hair loss. Be sure to consult your veterinarian first. Never give your cat human medicines.

If the allergy found is not from the food, it could be that your cat is inhaling pollen, mold spores, grasses and weeds, or household dust, cigarette smoke or mold found in the house. Try to limit the exposure of these agents to your cat. If you can't limit the exposure, consult your veterinarian to see about getting a serum custom-made for your cat's allergies. You'll have to administer these allergy shots to your cat on a regular basis until your cat is desensitized to the allergy.

Ian M. Stewart is the Senior Writer at Pet Food He lives with his wife, two cats and dog in Oakland, Ca.

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