Cherry Eye


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"Cherry eye" is usually seen in young, small breed dogs.

The third eyelid, which is located at the inside corner of each eye, helps to keep the eye clean and moist. The red lump is actually the gland of the third eyelid that has become exposed. When the fibers that attach the gland are weakened or defective, it can cause the red, swollen, "cherry eye" appearance.

This condition looks unsightly and can be very uncomfortable for your pet. In some cases, "cherry eye" can cause severe irritation to the surface of the eye and eventually might result in loss of vision.

"Cherry eye" can be repaired with surgery. The veterinary surgeon should be careful not to remove any tear-producing tissue so the eye will remain moist and healthy.

Source: Ask the Vet, reprinted with permission by Pet Food Express. Ask the Vet is published by Veterinarian's Best, Inc., PO Box 4459, Santa Barbara, CA, 93103.

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