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Moving or Flying With Your Mouse


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From time to time, even mouse owners like to travel -- many times with their four-legged friends in tow. When moving into a new home or travelling by plane, there are several things to keep in mind.

Moving With Your Mouse
Humans are naturally excited about moving into a new home. Pet mice, however, can be easily traumatized by the experience. Their home is easily jostled and shaken. Do your best to keep the cage as stable as possible. Also, remember that mice are nocturnal. They often get irritated when they are woken up during their sleep time.

Consider transporting your friend in a small box or carrier that's specifically designed for the purpose of travel. Be sure to remove bowls, toys, and water bottle for shorter moves. Most mice won't eat or drink during a move. However, longer moves may require you to place a small amount of food in the case, plus an anchored water bottle. Place about an inch of cotton in the bottom of the carrier. This soft layer will help absorb most of the physical shocks during a move.

When you arrive at your destination, allow your mouse to remain alone for a first day or two to get comfortable with the new environment. If a mouse is still upset after the move, they may bite you. This is their way of saying that they are still scared and upset.

Taking To The Air
If you're thinking of taking your mouse with you on an airplane, think again. All of the major airlines strictly forbid rodents of any kind. In addition, the temperature and pressure changes can seriously damage their nervous systems.

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