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Skin Problems


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Skin problems with fur? Sure. Cats, too can develop skin problems for all sorts of reasons, from an invasion of fleas, to a bad case of allergies or dandruff, to acne, or because of an internal illness.

If your cat is scratching, over and over and over again, chances are that she's got a skin problem. It's time to gather the troops and take charge of your cat's skin conflict.

First, inspect the area that your cat is scratching. Is there a red area that might be a hot spot? Or are some fleas having a hoe-down? Perhaps it's dry, flaky skin that's causing some dandruff flakes to come off. Whatever the case might be, use the right tools for the right job.

Dry Skin
If you suspect it's dry skin, try brushing her on a regular basis. Dry skin is caused by a lack of natural oils. By brushing, you can stimulate more oil and distribute it evenly by simply brushing every other day.

Attack the problem internally, too. A good coat supplement with the proper omega 3 and 6 balance, such as Lipaderm or Linatone, can improve your cat's skin.

If the dry skin persists, you can give your cat a bath using an oatmeal-based shampoo made for pets. Check with your Vet for any further questions.

If your cat's hair is falling off in clumps, or he's pulling it out at a rate faster than you can vacuum it up, it might mean he has allergies. Have you switched his food lately? Or have you purchased a new cat or a new bed for him? Stress and nervousness can cause your cat to loose his fur. Find the culprit that might be the cause and remove it (not the new kitty of course). Excessive shedding can lead to increased Hairballs, so try a Hairball remedy such as Defurr-UM. Also, call your Vet for advice.

It's not just for teenagers anymore. You kitty can get zits around the chin that look like little bumps (look for hair-loss and some swelling). This skin problem could be a result of your cat eating out of an unclean, plastic food bowl. Plastic food bowls, when not cleaned regularly, can become cracked, which makes them perfect hosts for bacteria. Try replacing the bowl or switching to a stainless steel one instead.

To treat, pat the acne-infected area twice a day with warm water and some pet shampoo using a clean washcloth. If it doesn't clear up, check with your Vet, who might recommend using some over-the-counter medicine for humans, such as Stridex pads.

Remember, it's always important to check your cat's coat frequently for bumps, sores and skin irritations. Regular grooming and maintenance can ward off the problems before they occur.

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