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The Non-sporting Group & Miscellaneous Class


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Non-sporting Group
This group consists of 17 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). These dogs differ greatly in personality, abilities and looks. Some of the dogs are unfamiliar to most people while others, like the Dalmatian and Poodle, are known by most of us. All are dogs with distinct character traits and talents.

American Eskimo Dog
This white dog with an alert Nordic face is not related to the sled dogs, even though he resembles them. He sports a profuse outer coat with longer and thicker hair around his neck and chest. His eagerness to please, ability to learn quickly, and stunning good looks have made him a valued circus performer. This breed comes in toy, miniature and standard sizes. He is friendly but guards his family well.

Bichon Frise
The name means "curly lap dog," and she originated in the Mediterranean countries. Bred as a companion for royalty, she survived as a tough street dog when her fortunes changed. She's small and has a fluffy white coat and plumed tail. Her fur is trimmed to the natural contours of her body. This happy, inquisitive dog loves to play.

Boston Terrier
One of the few breeds native to the United States, he is a cross between the English Bulldog and the white English Terrier. A shorthaired dog, his body looks like a terrier's, but he has the face of a bulldog. His soft, dark eyes reflect a gentle and intelligent nature. He's not inclined to fight, although perfectly capable of defending himself. He makes an excellent house dog and companion.

Her origins are English, where she was developed centuries ago for bull baiting. When that cruel sport was abolished in 1835, the ferocious trait necessary for fighting bulls was bred out of her. Weighing from 45 to 60 pounds, the Bulldog is courageous, strong, protective and loving, plus he gets along well with other dogs. His facial wrinkles need to be cleaned daily.

Chinese Shar Pei
The meaning of Shar Pei is "sand skin." Her skin is loose and wrinkled around the face and her short coat is unusually coarse. Evidence of this ancient breed dates to 200 BC, but in 1973 the dog was listed as the rarest in the world. A compact dog weighing between 45 to 60 pounds, she projects a calm and confident demeanor. She'd rather be with people than other dogs and shines as a devoted family member.

Chow Chow
This noble dog goes back at least 2,000 years in northern China and he is one of the oldest types of dog that still looks like his early ancestors. His blue black tongue distinguishes him from all other dogs. Valued as a talented hunting, herding and guard dog, he has great scenting ability. Possessive of his human friends, he'll want you to take time to play with him.

She's named for the province of Dalmatia in eastern Austria and has worked as a sentinel in war times, sheepherder, hunter, and fire- station dog. Her excellent memory makes her dependable as a circus and stage performer. As the only recognized coach dog, she naturally likes horses. Her white coat with black or liver colored spots requires minimal care. Quiet and reserved, she's good guard dog for family and home.

Finnish Spitz
The national dog of Finland reflects his northern roots with his fluffy coat, curled tail and pointed ears. His wears his handsome red-gold coat with confidence. A hunter of small game and birds, he has a distinctive bark to alert the human hunters that he's treed his prey. In the rest of the world, he serves mainly as a housedog. A faithful and friendly guy, the Spitz is a lively companion to humans.

French Bulldog
Related to the English Bulldog and toy breeds, this dog has bat-like ears and a distinctively shaped skull. Compact and muscular, she weighs about 20 pounds. Her coat is smooth and short, black with white, tan, liver, or gray. A fun-loving dog, she was developed as a companion. She also makes a good watchdog and can be depended upon not to bark too much. She's an easy to care for indoor dog.

The national dog of Holland, the Keeshond served as guard dog on the canal barges. Because he's not inclined to hunt, he stays close to his human friends. Originally from the cold Arctic areas, he's closely related to the Pomeranian. Alert best describes his appearance and behavior, with his thick bushy coat, pointed ears and eager eyes. The less grooming he gets, the better he looks!

Lhasa Apso
Used by the monks of Tibet as a guard dog in the temples, the Lhasa Apso's hardy character reflects the harsh conditions of her native land. She wears a heavy long coat that looks best when brushed regularly. Traits for guarding her human friends include intelligence, keen hearing and the ability to recognize danger in a stranger. Obedient and responsive to kindness, this little dog enjoys vigorous play.

Known as the "little lion dog," she was bred for companionship in Pre-Renaissance Europe. She's a small and stylish dog with an outgoing personality. Her dense and wavy coat requires no trimming except around the neck to make her look like a lion. Alert and smart, she shows great affection for her human friends. Her positive attitude will brighten any home she joins.

Identical to the toy and miniature varieties, the standard Poodle is the oldest version. He may have originated in Germany, although his identity is French. He excels as a retrieving water dog and circus performer and does well in obedience training. His abundant, curly coat is easier to care for when trimmed. Highly trainable and intelligent, he makes an interesting companion.

A native of Belgium, she is a smaller version of the black sheep dog of Europe. Respected as a faithful guard dog, she worked on the canal boats. A thick undercoat keeps her warm and her outer coat sheds water, requiring almost no grooming. She hunts successfully, but she's not a true fighter. Small, smart, and full of energy, dogs of this breed live longer than most. She loves children and guards them earnestly.

Shiba Inu
The oldest and smallest native breed of Japan, he was almost extinct by World War II. He was developed for sight and scent hunting in dense, steep mountains, so he moves with a nimble gait. Muscular and confident, he sports a stiff, straight outer coat and a brush tail and weighs from 17 to 23 pounds. This handsome dog makes an excellent watchdog and an affectionate and loyal companion.

Tibetan Spaniel
Used as a watchdog and companion, she's a good family dog who trusts and likes both people and other dogs. She's weighs from nine to 15 pounds and wears a silky double coat that has a longer mane around her neck. Known for her keen intelligence and affection, she doesn't like to be left alone for very long without human companionship.

Tibetan Terrier
Evolving over centuries in a country of extreme weather and rough terrain, this tough, medium-sized dog has a protective coat of abundant long hair that even covers his face. His feet are uniquely shaped to give him traction and act as snowshoes. Weighing 18 to 30 pounds, he is strongly built. His sensitivity and devotion to humans make him a prized companion in Tibet where he's believed to bring good luck.

Miscellaneous Class
There are more than two hundred purebred dog breeds in the world but not all are registered with the American Kennel Club. Breeds that are in the process of being accepted for registration by the AKC are placed in the Miscellaneous Class. This means that a continuing interest in the breed throughout the United States has been proven, and breeding activity is taking place in a significantly large area of the country. Once the AKC decides that a breed is healthy, stable and growing in popularity, it will be recognized and placed in the dog group of its type.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog
His excellent herding and working ability is linked to a personality that wants to please. He also has an excellent memory. He sports a long and shaggy coat that covers all of his body and most of his face. A medium-sized dog, he has an ambling walk and a stable temperament. He's a good and loyal companion, but he requires disciplined training or you'll find him trying to do things his way.

Plott Hound
The hound dogs developed in the south were often known by the name of the family that bred them. In 1750 the Plott family brought five hounds from Germany and settled in North Carolina. Weighing from 40 to 60 pounds, this hound is used to hunt bear, boar, and mountain lion. Because of her good treeing instinct, she is valued as a coon hunter. She's also treasured for her even disposition, loyalty, and determination.

Spinone Italiano
A muscular and hard working gun dog, he sports a weather resistant, wiry coat and thick skin that allow him to chase prey in the underbrush and endure the cold weather. He's a natural retriever, squarely and solidly built. A patient and calm dog, he has noticeably soft and gentle eyes. He's often the winner at obedience and tracking trials. He likes to socialize with his human friends.

Jack Russell Terrier
Developed in southern England in the 18th Century, this white dog with black and tan markings was used to hunt red fox both above and below ground. He has the ready-to-go attitude of a working terrier and weighs around 15 pounds. His coat is natural, coarse, tough, and protective for his active life style. He's clever and loves to play, preferring lots of attention from his human friends.

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