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Dogma San Francisco Dog Training

Trainer: Dianne Morey

DOGMA’S group classes offer a supportive fun group training environment. Dogma offers a range of classes from Puppy, Basic, Advanced Obedience, CGC Prep & single session specialty classes focusing solely on a single behavior like Leave It, Stay & Come. DOGMA classes offer a rare opportunity to hone your skills with a experienced educated instructor in a small size class setting.

Dianne is an honors graduate of the SFSPCA Academy For Dog Trainers, a professional member of The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers, an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a staff trainer for Camp Unleashed.

Class Schedule

Tuesdays: 5-8pm classes vary, please check website for updated information

Wednesdays: 5-8pm classes vary, please check website for updated information

Class Description and Pricing

Cost: $165 for 6 weeks

First week of each class is a mandatory people only (don't bring your dogs for the first class please) orientation. All dogs must be able to work calmly around other dogs and people without barking or displaying any aggressive or threatening behavior towards people and dogs.

Got Dog? Foundations Class: Beginning basic obedience, manners and relationship building classes for friendly social dogs of all sizes and 6 months or older. Learn how to create a common language and build a working relationship with your dog. We will work on training behaviors like Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It,...

Teen Spirit: Intermediate level refresher course for adolescent dogs (7-14 months) who have already graduated from a puppy or beginning level training class. We will revisit early training behaviors like Sit, Down, Stay, Come Leave It and Attention & Focus. We will install some impulse control problem solving skills and learn some CGC & new obedience skills.

Baby Dog Class: Puppies must be from 10-20 weeks old by the start of the first class.
This class will focus on potential sporting, performance and super thinker puppies who will want more then life on a flexi lead and play dates at the park. We will help you and your puppy develop drive/motivation and teach your dog a work ethic.

Our Baby Dog class is geared towards helping you mold your Baby Dog into a solid bomb proof go anywhere city pup while providing a foundation for anyone who may want to do performance work with their dog down the road. This class will be homework extensive and requires you to stay caught up each week as it will be fast paced.

Just some of the goals/concerns we will work on:

  • Handling
  • Socialization
  • House/chew/confinement/alone time training
  • Bite inhibition
  • Developmental phases
  • Drive and motivation building!
  • How to install the beginnings of a solid obedience foundation behaviors.
  • Confidence building.
  • Polite social manners with dogs & people.
  • Intensive dog-handler focus.
  • Play/social skills.

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San Francisco - Market St.

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