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Trainer: Lisa Smith

Lisa has loved animals for as long as she can remember. Her first pet was a chipmunk which she trained to jump hurdles on the ironing board and come when called. As a child she would drive the neighbors crazy asking to train and walk their dogs. When she was able to get a dog of her own, a Vizsla Lab mix, she taught him to climb trees and dive for rocks and also trained him for AKC obedience.

Lisa has always loved to entertain people and make them laugh, so in college she majored in Speech and Theater. After college she trained to be a dog groomer and worked at a dog training facility in San Carlos where she groomed dogs and assisted with training police canines. In 1981 Lisa purchased The Petaluma Pet Groomer where she fine-tuned her dog handling and husbandry skills until she decided to raise her 3 children as a stay at home mom.
Passion and love for animals and people drew Lisa back into dog training. More recently, Lisa has honed the art of dog training by apprenticing with Nicole Gayles and Leanne Neufeld who are veteran Sirius Instructors. She has also observed many classes taught by Erica Dafoe, another veteran Sirius Instructor. In her free time, Lisa enjoys competing in Schutzhund with her two German Shepherd Dogs, Zuko and Rock-it. She has titled both dogs with a BH and is working towards IPO Titles with her dog Rock-it, and hopes to someday compete on a national level.
Lisa considers herself a lifelong student of dog training, always learning new things from her students and their dogs and the many training enthusiasts she meets along the way. We're sure you'll both learn lots and enjoy your class with Lisa, who believes training should be fun and positive for dogs and handlers alike and does her best to bring fun and laughter into her classes.
Lisa lives in Petaluma with her husband, three German Shepherd Dogs, Zoe, Zuko and Rock-it, Annie the Poma Poo, and two cats. She is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The DVG, and the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.

Class schedule

Tuesday       6:00-7:00   Puppy Kindergarten
                       7:00-8:00   Puppy 1
Class start dates vary, please check the website for up to date information.     

Class Descriptions and Pricing

Sirius Puppy Kindergarten:  Puppies must be between 8-12 weeks old at the start date of class with first DHLPP or DHPP vaccine (specifically Distemper and Parvo) at least 5 days before the first session.
Puppy Kindergarten is a 4 week course designed specifically for young puppies who are between 8-12 weeks old. This class can be taken before your Puppy I class, or simultaneously.
Cost:  $125 for four weeks of instruction.   Registration is through

Sirius Puppy 1:  Puppies must be between 10-16 weeks old at the start date of class with 2 DHLPP vaccinations, one of which must have been given after 8 weeks of age and at least 7 days prior to start of class.
Our puppy class specifically focuses on teaching bite inhibition (gentle jaws), socialization with other dogs and people (especially children, men and strangers), calming and handling, attention, off-leash and household manners/obedience and the prevention of behavior and temperament problems.  Special emphasis is paid to phasing out the need for food lures and rewards for reliable verbal and hand signals, off-leash control (around the home or on walks) yet promoting continued use of food for classical conditioning- to teach dogs to thoroughly enjoy the company of people and other dogs.
Cost:  $200.00 for five weeks of instruction.   Registration is through

Sirius Puppy 2:  This class is for graduates of SIRIUS PUPPY 1 who are under 8 months.  Proof of rabies vaccine is required.
Early puppy training is as easy as it is enjoyable.  Much more challenging, though is to ensure that your puppy maintains bite inhibition, remains social and friendly to other dogs and people, and continues to pay heed to your instructions, while working through adolescence.   Training focuses on proofing verbal control without the need for food lures or rewards or any other training tools.  Exercises include distance sits in play (for the home, yard, dog park and off-leash walks), settle down, rock-solid stays, and both off-leash and on-leash walking and heeling.  PUPPY 2 will help you teach your adolescent puppy to be calm, attentive and responsive and to respond quickly, willingly and happily, especially when distracted, off-leash and at a distance.
Cost: $200.00 for five weeks of instruction.  Registration is through

Sirius Courteous Canine: This class is for friendly dogs over 17 weeks.  Proof of current vaccinations required.
This is an excellent class for dogs that have never taken a class before or for dogs who need to brush up on rusty obedience skills.  Reward training techniques make training adolescent and adult dogs a peaceful and enjoyable experience.  Initial exercises focus on calming, settling-down and regaining attention to facilitate teaching basic manners-sit, down, stand, stay, walk on-leash and polite greeting.
Cost: $200.00 for five weeks of instruction.  Registration is through


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