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Pawsitively Fabulous! Dog Training at Pet Food Express

Trainer: Nancy Weller, CPDT-KA, CTC

Pawsitively Fabulous! owner, Nancy Weller, is an honors graduate of the prestigious San Francisco SPCA’s Academy for Dog Trainers, widely considered the Harvard for companion dog professionals. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and founder of the Certified Dog Training Professionals. She is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), a member of the Bichon Frise Club of Northern California and a member of the Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club. She holds a certificate in pet first aid and CPR from CParf! She graduated from Clickin’ Canines Dog Trainer Mentoring Program on Diabetic Alert & Hearing Alert Dog Training in 2013.

Nancy offers private puppy and adult training, as well as group training, for puppies, adults, multi-dog households, tricks, conformation, diabetic alert dogs, hearing dogs and more. She also gives lectures and workshops on a variety of topics.

Nancy has spent more than a decade training dogs, including six years as one of the top trainers for Ian Dunbar’s Sirius® Dog Training. She also served for seven years as Director of Training for the award-winning daycare facility, A DOG’S LIFE, where she created and implemented a comprehensive training program for them.

Nancy has fostered many puppies for the Humane Society Silicon Valley, and, along with her husband and dogs, has provided pet-assisted therapy services to nursing homes and a children’s shelter. She lives with her husband, Bill, and her two Bichon Frises, “Iniki,” an AKC and International Champion who is also CGC-certified, and Iniki’s puppy, International Champion Makani.

Class Schedule

San Jose North     Mondays:  6-7pm Puppy 1
                                                  7-8pm Puppy2
                         Wednesdays:  6-7pm Dog 1
                                                  7-8pm Schedule Rotates
                              Saturdays: 9am Puppy Socials

Saratoga              Tuesdays: 6-7pm Puppy 1
                                                7-8pm Schedule rotates          

To register for classes please click here and select the class you would like to register for. Start dates vary so please visit the website above for up-to-date class information.

Additional Pawsitively Fabulous class times and locations (taught by Diane Troup)

Mountain View       Mondays:         6-7pm Pup 1
                                                       7-8pm Schedule Rotates

                              Tuesdays:        6-7pm Dog 1
                                                      7-8pm Schedule Rotates                                            

Los Gatos             Wednesdays:   6-7pm Dog 1

Class Descriptions and Pricing

All classes are $175 for 5 weeks

Puppy 1: The experiences your pup has during the first 16 weeks of life, known as the "Socialization" period, will lay the foundation for future behavior. Young puppies that are exposed in a positive manner to numerous people, sounds, and to the world in general, will result in well-socialized, less fearful, adult dogs. Off- leash playtime with other pups in their same developmental period gives them a chance to develop good dog-to-dog social skills and to learn good bite inhibition (ability to control the force of their bite). Puppy 1 includes sit, down, stay, settle, come, leave it, and leash manners. Additional topics include: housetraining, alone training, chewing, biting, and body handling so they are comfortable at the vets and groomers.

PLEASE NOTE: Puppy 1 is a five-week Level 1 course, 50-55 minutes each week, and pup should attend all classes with you and/or your entire family. Enrollment includes a free puppy book and weekly homework assignments.

Course Prerequisites

  • Puppy must be be 16 weeks of age or younger by the start date of class
  • Puppy must be 10 days past their initial vaccination for Distemper/Parvo.
  • Proof of first vaccinations

Puppy 2: Puppy 2 is for graduates of Puppy 1 class. It is designed for the quickly emerging adolescent. The behaviors covered in Puppy 1 will be refined and improved in Puppy 2. Special emphasis will be placed on motivating your dog so you get quicker responses to your commands, better recalls, stays with distractions and walking nicely on a leash. New skills (go to "place," Emergency Recall, variations on heeling, distance commands, etc.) will be taught. This is the "juvenile" stage in your dog's life when their reliability tends to wane. This class will help keep both you and your dog on track as you navigate this frequently-challenging time.

PLEASE NOTE: Puppy 2 is a five-week Level 2 course, 50-55 minutes each week, and your pup should attend all classes with you.

Course Prerequisites

  • Completion of Puppy 1 with Nancy or at A Dog's Life or proof of another off-leash Puppy 1
  • All puppies must be under 12 months of age and have remained socialized to dogs and people
  • Proof of current, age appropriate vaccinations

Adolescent/Adult 1 (Basic Obedience): Adult 1 is a Level 1, basic training class designed to teach you and your dog all the fundamentals of training. Best of all, you'll use positive reinforcement training methods to achieve the results you are looking for. Both you and your dog will graduate with a better understanding of each other! Behaviors include: Come when called ~ Pay attention ~ Leave it ~ Wait ~ Polite leash manners ~ Sit/Down/Stand ~ Sit for greetings ~ Go to place.


  • Dog must be over 4.5 months old (feel free to enroll your senior dog since you really can teach an old dog new tricks!)
  • Dog must be dog and people friendly
  • Dog must have proof of current vaccinations

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