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  • Housetraining Your Puppy

    Filed in Dogs, Behavior and Training, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    Training your puppy to go to the bathroom outdoors may seem like a daunting task, but with some time and patience, you shouldn't have any trouble. The most important aspect of training is consistency. Crate training makes the housetraining job… Read more

  • Food Bowls, Feeders, Water & Hay Holders

    Filed in Small Animals, Bunny

    Food Bowls Make sure that your food bowl is of sturdy construction. Your rabbit is a chewing creature and is likely to chew and swallow pieces of plastic containers. Stick with ceramic, glass or metal (though metal can affect the… Read more

  • Hot Spots

    Filed in Cats, Health

    No, a hot spot for your cat doesn't consist of a hot island getaway. Rather, hot spots are small, moist, smelly red sores found on your cat's skin. Hot spots come from an irritating source, such as a concentration of… Read more

  • Getting Along With Other Pets & Peers

    Filed in Small Animals, Mice

    Can your mouse make other furry friends? The answer is yes, so long as they don't share the same living quarters. Cats that have been trained and raised with mice will generally ignore their friends and will assume that they… Read more

  • First Aid for Dogs

    Filed in Dogs, Safety

    You're one of the most conscientious dog owners on your block. You don't let Rex run off the lead unless he's in your fenced backyard. You take him to the vet regularly for check ups and vaccinations. You never feed… Read more

  • Cross-eyed Siamese

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Siamese and Himalayan cats have a gene that causes abnormal nerve connections in the visual pathways between their eyes and their brains. This causes part of their visual field to be inverted -- just the opposite of normal. In addition,… Read more

  • A New Owner Guide: Mouse Basics

    Filed in Small Animals, Mice

    So you've decided to get a mouse. Congratulations! All you have to do now is go to the pet store and pick one out, right? Not quite. Domestically raised mice have become popular pets in the United States and Europe.… Read more

  • Ringworm

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Contrary to its name, ringworm is not a worm. It is a fungus that attaches itself to your cat's skin. It's more common in younger cats and can be easily transmitted to other pets and humans. Since it may mimic… Read more

  • Moving or Flying With Your Mouse

    Filed in Small Animals, Mice

    From time to time, even mouse owners like to travel -- many times with their four-legged friends in tow. When moving into a new home or travelling by plane, there are several things to keep in mind. Moving With Your… Read more

  • Treating Fleas Inside Your Home

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Fleas and Ticks

    Getting rid of the fleas in your home is just as important as getting rid of the fleas outside. Inside fleas have more ready access to you and your cat as a source of a quick meal. Count Tests How… Read more

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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Get some good eats.

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