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  • Goldfish Health Problem: Not Swimming

    Filed in Fish/Reptile, Health

    A fish not swimming? How odd does that sound? It's not as odd as you might think. Fish can stop swimming for a number of reasons, such as rest, sleep, and of course, death, but more than likely the problem… Read more

  • First Aid Kits for Cats

    Filed in Cats, Safety

    First aid kits aren't just for family members. If you have a cat, it's a good idea to create one especially for him, too. Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but as most pet owners will tell you, it… Read more

  • Ferret Nutrition

    Filed in Small Animals, Ferret

    The domestic ferret is the third most popular carnivorous pet, after the dog and the cat. It is rapidly becoming the 'pet of choice' for many people looking for an alternative companion animal. Why are they becoming so popular? The… Read more

  • Poisonous Plants

    Filed in Cats, Safety

    Kittens and cats love to munch on plants, even on dried flowers. Call it an urge to graze. It's important to learn which plants cats can and can't chew on because many are poisonous. If left to chomp freely, cats… Read more

  • Puppy Hernia

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    A slight swelling on the abdomen of a puppy could be the symptom of a condition called an umbilical hernia. Such hernias usually are not serious, but you should have your puppy examined by a veterinarian to be sure. The… Read more

  • Hot Spots

    Filed in Cats, Health

    No, a hot spot for your cat doesn't consist of a hot island getaway. Rather, hot spots are small, moist, smelly red sores found on your cat's skin. Hot spots come from an irritating source, such as a concentration of… Read more

  • Cockatoos

    Filed in Birds, Getting a New Bird

    Do you need a little extra love and affection in your life? Are you seeking someone who can chew up all those old phone books collecting in your kitchen? Then a Cockatoo might be a perfect match for you. Cockatoos,… Read more

  • Purebred Toy Group

    Filed in Dogs, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    The twenty dogs classified in the Toy Group below serve primarily as companions to humans. Their original purpose may have been to herd or hunt, but now their reason for being is to amuse and keep us company. Don't let… Read more

  • Healthy Cat Test

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Whether dealing with a breeder, an animal shelter, or rescue organization there are certain things you should look for when considering a new kitten or cat. A healthy cat will: Have bright, clear, "film free" eyes that appear alert. Show… Read more

  • Cage Care

    Filed in Small Animals, Bunny, Chinchilla, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mice, Rats

    As a general rule of thumb, you'll need to clean your pet's cage every week. Depending upon the design and composition of the enclosure, and the number of pets within it, you may need to change portions of the bedding… Read more

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My Mutt Program

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Get some good eats.

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