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  • Puppy Hernia

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    A slight swelling on the abdomen of a puppy could be the symptom of a condition called an umbilical hernia. Such hernias usually are not serious, but you should have your puppy examined by a veterinarian to be sure. The… Read more

  • Getting Along With Other Pets & Peers

    Filed in Small Animals, Rats

    Can rats make other furry friends? The answer is yes -- so long as they don't share the same living quarters. Cats that have been trained and raised with rats will generally ignore their friends and will assume that they… Read more

  • Nail Care

    Filed in Dogs, Grooming

    Nail care is an important aspect of dog ownership that many overlook. You should examine your dog's feet every few weeks to make sure there aren't any abnormalities. Your dog's nails should be trimmed every two to four weeks. If… Read more

  • In Season (AKA In Heat)

    Filed in Cats, Health, Sanitation

    How do you tell if your cat is in season? You can tell if your female cat is in season, also known as in heat, by a pattern of specific behavior she'll begin known as "Calling." She'll start out by… Read more

  • Treating Fleas Basics

    Filed in Dogs, Fleas and Ticks

    On the wild frontier, ancient explorers faced many trials and adversities. Early American pioneers were plagued by freezing cold, broiling heat, torrential rains, droughts, insects, and plagues. The modern pioneer -- the urban pet owner -- is faced with perhaps… Read more

  • How to Medicate Your Cat

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Pills are hard enough for people to swallow, and giving pills to your pet is even harder. There are certainly cats who will accept a pill in their food or in a meaty snack, however for some cat owners, more… Read more

  • E Collars

    Filed in Cats, Safety

    When cats have an operation, such as getting fixed, or when they have a wound mended, chances are they'll get an E-collar to help with the healing process. Cats are natural lickers and will want to lick their wounds. Sure,… Read more

  • Outdoor Dangers: From Anti-Freeze to Wild Animals

    Filed in Dogs, Safety

    Taking your dog from home into the outside world can sometimes be dangerous for your pet. Moving vehicles, stray dogs, and various chemical agents can pose a serious threat to your pet. Without taking proper precautions, even your own backyard… Read more

  • Glaucoma

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    Glaucoma is a disease in which pressure builds in the eye, sometimes leading to blindness. The eye is constantly producing fluid that circulates in the eye, and this fluid drains back into the bloodstream. When the fluid fails to drain… Read more

  • Common Goldfish Afflictions

    Filed in Fish/Reptile, Health

    Hey, goldfish don't just swim around the tank, smiling at you and others who gaze upon them. No, they too have days when they're not feeling quite right, when they'd rather hunker down at the bottom of the tank, to… Read more

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My Mutt Program

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Rescue a friend in need.
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Get some good eats.

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