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  • Toxoplasmosis

    Filed in Cats, Health, Safety

    Toxoplasmosis is a highly infectious disease, sometimes carried by cats, which presents a problem for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects, spontaneous abortion, or still birth. Toxoplasmosis is caused be a microscopic intestinal parasite. Cats get the disease… Read more

  • In Season

    Filed in Dogs, Safety

    Unless you plan on breeding your female dog, you should strongly consider having her spayed. When a female dog is in heat -- in season -- she emits pheromones that attract male dogs from miles around. You'll even find the… Read more

  • Heartworm

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    Q: Should I have my dog tested for heartworm? I used to live an area where heartworm was a real problem, but here people don't seen as concerned. A: Heartworm is a deadly disease carried by mosquitoes, and in many… Read more

  • Teeth & Bad Breath

    Filed in Dogs, Grooming

    On occasion, both humans and dogs suffer from bad breath. Unfortunately dogs don't have the opposable thumbs that are necessary to pop a piece of gum or a breath mint in their mouths, or to floss, so it's the responsibility… Read more

  • Nutrition for Cancer

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health

    Cancer is a disease that most of us are familiar with. We are either survivors or know someone who is a survivor or someone who lost the battle with this dreadful disease. Most of the cancers that affect people can… Read more

  • Heart Trouble

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health

    The heart is a truly amazing organ. The hearts of dogs and cats (and people) are made up of four chambers. Oxygenated blood enters the left atrium from the lungs via the pulmonary veins. It passes through the mitral valve… Read more

  • Anal Glands

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    "Scooting" is often a result of impacted anal glands. The discomfort that your dog feels is temporarily relieved and soothed by licking that area or rubbing it against something -- usually the floor. Anal sacs, or glands, are small pouches located… Read more

  • A Dog Show Primer

    Filed in Dogs, Behavior and Training

    Becoming familiar with dog show basics is fairly simple. The two most common activities that take place at shows are conformation judging and obedience trials. These may be separate shows, or they may be part of a single, all-breed show.… Read more

  • Problematic Chin Behaviors

    Filed in Small Animals, Chinchilla

    Though Chinchillas can be terrific, fun pets, owners should also be aware of some potential behviors they may offer up.  Understanding the potential behavior problems chins may engage in will help you better prepare yourself for managing this little critter. Like many rodents,… Read more

  • Purebred Terriers

    Filed in Dogs, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    Dogs of the terrier group are full of energy and widely known as feisty. They are also smart so, you must be prepared to spend time training them unless you want your dog to control you. Terriers were bred to… Read more

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