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  • First Aid Kits

    Filed in Cats, Safety

    First aid kits aren't just for family members. If you have a cat, it's a good idea to create one especially for him, too. Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but as most pet owners will tell you, it… Read more

  • Doggy Day Care

    Filed in Dogs, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    Doggy Day Care is a wonderful service which is finding great popularity among pet owners across the United States. Doggy Day Care provides pets with a safe, fun and supervised place to be while their owners are at work. With… Read more

  • Tank Heat and Humidity

    Filed in Geckos , Lizards, Snakes, Turtles

    Some amphibians are, naturally, from tropical areas. So providing heat and humidity in their homes is a must. There are a few methods of doing this and choosing which way will rely mostly on how your tank is set up.… Read more

  • Treating Fleas On Your Dog

    Filed in Dogs, Fleas and Ticks

    If you were to ask most dog owners what they dislike more than anything in the world, chances are they'd say fleas. Fleas are the pests that keep on pestering. They're inside, outside, you name it. When fleas want to… Read more

  • Problematic Chin Behaviors

    Filed in Small Animals, Chinchilla

    Though Chinchillas can be terrific, fun pets, owners should also be aware of some potential behviors they may offer up. Understanding the potential behavior problems chins may engage in will help you better prepare yourself for managing this little critter. Like many… Read more

  • Ferret Nutrition

    Filed in Small Animals, Ferret

    The domestic ferret is the third most popular carnivorous pet, after the dog and the cat. It is rapidly becoming the 'pet of choice' for many people looking for an alternative companion animal. Why are they becoming so popular? The… Read more

  • Spraying

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Spraying can be caused either by a variety of behavioral or medical conditions, such as stress, a urinary infection, a bladder problem, or even a hormonal imbalance. It is important to take your cat to a veterinarian for a complete physical examination… Read more

  • Purebred Hound Dogs

    Filed in Dogs, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    Bred to hunt, the 22 hound dogs listed below are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) comprise a varied group in terms of size, coat, and personality. All of these dogs have a keen sense of smell and perseverance… Read more

  • Purebred Herding Dogs

    Filed in Dogs, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    The Herding Dog Group is a new classification of the American Kennel Club consisting of working dogs that guide large groups of animals. Herders are amazing to watch as they bark and nip at the animals' heels to get them… Read more

  • Feeding for Gestation & Weaning

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    Gestation for dogs is usually anywhere between 57 to 65 days. If you know exactly when the dog was bred count 63 days from the first breeding and that is the due date. There are signs to watch for that… Read more

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

Want to get your pet’s picture on our walls? Donate $250 or more to your local shelter or rescue. Details on the My Mutt Program

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Community Veterinary Clinic
Get some good eats.
Get some good eats.

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