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  • Ants

    Filed in Cats, Sanitation

    At face value ants might seem like an insignificant threat to your cat. However, ants are unclean, carry disease, and they can bite. Although it is unlikely that your cat will have a problem with ants, you may find increased… Read more

  • Stings

    Filed in Dogs, Safety

    Dogs and cats are more likely than humans to be bitten or stung by spiders, bees, wasps, ants, and snakes because pets like to play with these interesting little creatures. The results can be painful -- and potentially dangerous. Initial… Read more

  • Goldfish Health Problems: Lacking Air

    Filed in Fish/Reptile, Health

    Is your goldfish gasping for air? Are his gills opening and closing in a rapid fashion? If so, your goldfish could have an oxygen problem. Fresh oxygen is important to fish, just as it is to you. Sure, your goldfish… Read more

  • General Cage Care

    Filed in Small Animals, Rats

    Keeping your rat's home clean is a must. A clean cage will keep you rat healthier and control odor. As a general rule of thumb, you'll need to clean your pet's cage every week. Depending upon the design and composition… Read more

  • Summer Hazards

    Filed in Dogs, Safety

    The hot summer months present some special hazards for pets, whether they are playing in the park, swimming in the pool, romping at the beach or just riding around in the family car. Here are some common dangers to avoid:… Read more

  • Exams

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health

    A thorough physical examination at least once each year is a very important part of preventive health care for both dogs and cats. Puppies and kittens should be checked as soon as possible after they are born and should begin… Read more

  • Chew Toy Safety

    Filed in Dogs, Behavior and Training

    Clare is a sweet lovable Basset Hound who loves her chew toys. Her owner Terri, says that she has given Clare many different kinds of chew toys, and she seems to like them all. “The one thing I do, is… Read more

  • Bunny Food

    Filed in Small Animals, Bunny

    Your rabbit's diet is a crucial part of his health. Help your rabbit to live a long, healthy life by providing him with all of his dietary needs. Some Facts About Rabbits and Food It is helpful to understand some… Read more

  • Infectious Diseases

    Filed in Cats, Health

    If cats aren't properly vaccinated, they can pass on diseases to other cats and sometimes even to humans. Diseases are passed on through cat fights, flea bites, feces, vermin and through discharges from the eyes, nose or mouth of an… Read more

  • Cherry Eye

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    "Cherry eye" is usually seen in young, small breed dogs. The third eyelid, which is located at the inside corner of each eye, helps to keep the eye clean and moist. The red lump is actually the gland of the third… Read more

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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Get some good eats.
Get some good eats.

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