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  • Mice | Life Span

    Filed in Small Animals, Mice

    Mice are short-lived animals, which can be disconcerting to new pet owners. Some experienced mouse owners note that life spans vary according to ancestry and general treatment (proper diet and nutrition). In reality, most mice live to see their second… Read more

  • Feeding for Gestation & Weaning

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    Gestation for dogs is usually anywhere between 57 to 65 days. If you know exactly when the dog was bred count 63 days from the first breeding and that is the due date. There are signs to watch for that… Read more

  • Bad Breath

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Yep, cats can get bad breath too. Bad breath in cats can be caused by a number of problems, from that tuna treat to that unknown substance you saw him pick up out in the yard. More than likely, your… Read more

  • Ants

    Filed in Cats, Sanitation

    At face value ants might seem like an insignificant threat to your cat. However, ants are unclean, carry disease, and they can bite. Although it is unlikely that your cat will have a problem with ants, you may find increased… Read more

  • Stings

    Filed in Dogs, Safety

    Dogs and cats are more likely than humans to be bitten or stung by spiders, bees, wasps, ants, and snakes because pets like to play with these interesting little creatures. The results can be painful -- and potentially dangerous. Initial… Read more

  • Nutrition for Your Senior Dog Featuring Premium Edge Senior Dog Formula

    Filed in Dogs, Nutrition

    Older dogs have special nutritional needs. Feeding senior dogs a diet that is specifically designed to meet these needs will help them live longer and healthier. Changing Energy Requirements During the adult years, your dog�s required calorie intake will very… Read more

  • How to Medicate Your Cat

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Pills are hard enough for people to swallow, and giving pills to your pet is even harder. There are certainly cats who will accept a pill in their food or in a meaty snack, however for some cat owners, more… Read more

  • Epilepsy

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Epilepsy is a term that simply means seizure disorder. Vets often make a diagnosis of epilepsy when they cannot identify a cause for the seizures. Another term for this is idiopathic epilepsy. This article will discuss some of the causes… Read more

  • A Brief History of the Chinchilla

    Filed in Small Animals, Chinchilla

    Like many beautiful furry creatures from around the world, chinchillas were initially known for their soft and luxurious fur coats. Chinchillas were named by Spaniards, after Chincha Indians who used the chinchillas for food and clothing. Found on the slopes… Read more

  • Vitamins & Supplements

    Filed in Cats, Nutrition

    If your cat is in general good health and eating a balanced diet of premium cat food, vitamins and supplements should not be necessary. You may, however, choose to give supplements as insurance that your cat's nutritional needs are being… Read more

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My Mutt Program

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Get some good eats.

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