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  • Infectious Diseases

    Filed in Cats, Health

    If cats aren't properly vaccinated, they can pass on diseases to other cats and sometimes even to humans. Diseases are passed on through cat fights, flea bites, feces, vermin and through discharges from the eyes, nose or mouth of an… Read more

  • Cherry Eye

    Filed in Dogs, Health

    "Cherry eye" is usually seen in young, small breed dogs. The third eyelid, which is located at the inside corner of each eye, helps to keep the eye clean and moist. The red lump is actually the gland of the third… Read more

  • Rats | Breeding

    Filed in Small Animals, Rats

    Sexually mature rats must be properly paired to breed successfully. A single male rat may be included in a cage with one or more female rats without difficulty. More than one male and female rat may be housed together for… Read more

  • Heatstroke and Summer Hazards

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Safety

    Heat stroke is a life-threatening situation for your dog or cat. Dogs and cats can't sweat like we can, so they have a much harder time dissipating their heat than humans do. The only way they can cool down is… Read more

  • FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a very contagious, usually deadly disease, and uninfected household cats are at great risk of becoming infected once a cat is diagnosed. An FIP vaccination has been developed, but possible side effects have made its use… Read more

  • Allergies

    Filed in Cats, Health

    Allergies are tricky alien beings. They float around the skies looking for a place to land, or they hide themselves in food, just waiting for the chance to jump out and attack your cat's immune system. When digested or inhaled,… Read more

  • Toxoplasmosis

    Filed in Cats, Health, Safety

    Toxoplasmosis is a highly infectious disease, sometimes carried by cats, which presents a problem for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects, spontaneous abortion, or still birth. Toxoplasmosis is caused be a microscopic intestinal parasite. Cats get the disease… Read more

  • Rats | Common Health Problems

    Filed in Small Animals, Rats

    As you prepare to purchase your first pet rat, it's important to track down an experienced veterinarian. Veterinary care for rats need not be expensive. I have been charged $35 - $40 per visit at various clinics here in the… Read more

  • Litter Pearls

    Filed in Cats, Maintenance, Sanitation

    Litter Pearls is a revolutionary new product that delivers the most dynamic and completely innovative solution in cat litter since the introduction of clumping litter ten years ago. It gives cat lovers a brand new solution to the messy cat… Read more

  • Hamsters & Children

    Filed in Small Animals, Hamster

    Hamsters make great pets for children above the age of five and six, depending on maturity and activity levels - of both the hamsters and the children. You'll want to make sure that your child is ready to take on… Read more

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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Get some good eats.

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