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  • Climate Control

    Filed in Small Animals, Bunny

    Climate plays a huge factor in your rabbit's health. Rabbits cannot tolerate large fluctuations in temperature. This is one of the reasons why many families house their bunnies inside. Let's take a look at the issue of climate from the… Read more

  • Vitamins & Supplements

    Filed in Cats, Nutrition

    If your cat is in general good health and eating a balanced diet of premium cat food, vitamins and supplements should not be necessary. You may, however, choose to give supplements as insurance that your cat's nutritional needs are being… Read more

  • Treating Your Cat For Fleas

    Filed in Cats, Fleas and Ticks

    There are as many ways to rid your cat of fleas as there are ways for your cat to get fleas. Perhaps the most difficult decision you will need to make is which is the best way for you to… Read more

  • Heart Trouble

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health

    The heart is a truly amazing organ. The hearts of dogs and cats (and people) are made up of four chambers. Oxygenated blood enters the left atrium from the lungs via the pulmonary veins. It passes through the mitral valve… Read more

  • Rats | Life Span

    Filed in Small Animals, Rats

    Rats are short-lived animals, which can be disconcerting to new pet owners. Some experienced rat owners note that life spans vary according to ancestry and general treatment (proper diet and nutrition). In reality, most rats will live to see their… Read more

  • Rat Poison

    Filed in Cats, Dogs, Health

    Rat poison is very dangerous for any pet. If warfarin or similar chemicals are eaten, they often can be fatal. The poison is tempting to most animals because it has a sweet taste intended to attract the rats. Poisons of… Read more

  • Purebred Working Dogs

    Filed in Dogs, Getting a New Puppy/Dog

    The dogs of this group listed below are devoted to the service of humans and work at jobs such as pulling sleds and carts, protecting property and humans, or looking after the welfare of livestock. They are eager to learn… Read more

  • Getting a Cat: Before or After the Baby?

    Filed in Cats, Getting a New Kitten/Cat

    If you're thinking of adding a kitten or a cat to your family mix -- along with a new baby -- it's important to understand that there are many responsibilities in getting a new cat besides just buying it food… Read more

  • Feline AIDS (FIV)

    Filed in Cats, Health

    The FIV disease in cats is much like the AIDS in humans, causing a deficiency in the immune system and making the cat susceptible to a wide variety of life-threatening medical problems.  Feline AIDS is extremely contagious to other cats… Read more

  • Evacuation Preparedness Kits for Cats

    Filed in Cats, Safety

    It's an old saying, but you never know when a disaster could strike. When you least expect it, you could be forced to evacuate your home or office on a moment's notice. In other articles, we've told you how to… Read more

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My Mutt Program

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