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Chew Toy Safety


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Clare is a sweet lovable Basset Hound who loves her chew toys. Her owner Terri, says that she has given Clare many different kinds of chew toys, and she seems to like them all. “The one thing I do, is make sure to observe her with any new chew toy I give her, and make sure it is compatible with her”, says Terri.

Truman is a big energetic German shepherd, who approaches his food and treats with unmatched enthusiasm. This leads Truman to gulp his food and to ingest large chunks of his treats. Both habits have led to intestinal problems with Truman which have resulted in a number of vet visits. His owners Michele and Bob have had to hand feed him his dinner to get him to slow down and they have replaced edible chew toys with KONG toys. So, he still gets the enjoyment of chewing, but without the problems he encountered with the other kind.

The KONG toy is also a great tool to help slow down fast-eaters.
One simple method is to place two or more KONG toys in the dogs feeding bowl. The dog will have to eat around the KONG toys and then remove the nuggets that fell inside the KONGs. This method slows the eating process considerably while adding some challenge and fun.

The second method requires a little more effort on the part of the owner, but much less than hand-feeding an entire meal. Simply stuff several KONG toys with the appropriate amount of dog food and cover the large end of the KONG with peanut butter, cream cheese or soft dog food. This stuffing method not only slows down ingestion, it also challenges and stimulates the dog mentally.

Both examples above are Pet Food Express customers with different types of dogs, who enjoy different kinds of chew toys. And this is really what it comes down to with chew toys, your own individual dog, and his or her chewing habits. We sell hundreds of thousands of chew toys each year and get a great deal of feedback from our customers on how their dogs like them and how well they handle them. We use this feedback as well as all the product information we have available to help each and every customer determine what chew toy if any, is right for their dog.

Chew toys serve a multitude of needs from being simple treats, to dental care aids and are ways of alleviating boredom and separation anxiety in many dogs. But, we must stress that you exercise caution as any chew toy can be dangerous with an unsupervised pet that chews too aggressively. Does your pet tend to gulp down large chunks or entire treats? If so, breakable biscuits maybe a better option for you. Observe your dog with any new chew toy to make sure that it is the right product for their particular needs and habits.

Remember, there are many things we need to do to insure the safety and well being of our pets. From chemicals and hazardous plants around the home, to what we purchase for them, being as well informed as possible is the key.

Many employees of the Pet Food Express corporate office bring their pets to work, and it is not uncommon to see a dog enjoying their chew toy while their owner tends to business. At Pet Food Express, we not only sell these products, we are customers ourselves. We are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, so please feel free to contact us anytime in our stores or through our corporate office.

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