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E Collars


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When cats have an operation, such as getting fixed, or when they have a wound mended, chances are they'll get an E-collar to help with the healing process.

Cats are natural lickers and will want to lick their wounds. Sure, you can tell them not to, but like any good cat, they won't listen. That's why, in order to keep them from disturbing the wound or stitches, your veterinarian will put an Elizabethan or E-collar on your cat.

Basically, an E-collar prevents your cat from doing more harm. The only issue you may encounter, is that the unwanted intruder might depress your cat. He may look like he's moping. Although this could be true to a degree, it's more about your cat's new lack of peripheral vision and limited movements. Get ready for him to bump into things for awhile, including you.

This foreign object will be, well, foreign to you cat, and he'll want to take it off. Make sure it's snug enough to prevent that from happening, but not so snug it'll cut off the circulation.

Many E-collars are fastened by velcro and easier to fit than most types.

It's really important that you don't let your emotions get in the way of helping your cat heal. If your cat is allowed to try and clean his wounds or remove his stitches before it's time, you'll be back where you started - and with more medical bills. So, try to suppress those urges and leave the E Collar on.

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