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In Season (AKA In Heat)


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How do you tell if your cat is in season? You can tell if your female cat is in season, also known as in heat, by a pattern of specific behavior she'll begin known as "Calling."

She'll start out by being extra-affectionate toward you or other cats by engaging in more 'head-butts' and rubbings than usual. Rolling on the ground while cooing or speaking loudly for long periods might also be another sign of starting the calling sequence.

At the high point of being in season, she'll begin lying with her forelegs stretched out flat on the ground, with her head lying between them. Her rear end will be raised while she stands on high on her paws while exposing her genitals to you or other cats.

This behavior will last from five to 10 days and it won't matter how many Tomcats (or how many times) she engages, the heat will need to run its course. Even when she does mate, she's likely to do it several times.

Like many animals, the female wants to be as attractive and inviting as possible. So get ready for some flirtatious, vocal, frolicking on the part of your cat.

As for adult males, they are usually always ready to mate (typical, right?). However, adult females are only sexually active during specific seasons of the year, hence the term "In-Season." The season usually depends on the length of daylight hours. As they say, springtime is for lovers.

If you don't want to your cats to be in season, it's time for them to be fixed. When your cats are fixed, they'll never be in season. Read our article (at right) about the benefits of having your cats spayed or neutered.

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