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Giving Back to Pet Rescues, Pet Shelters, K9s and Schools

We accomplished many goals at Pet Food Express (PFE) in 2015, but are most proud of the number of homeless animals placed in new homes.

Pet Food Express About Giving Back

More than 15,000 dogs, cats and small animals found forever homes via adoption events at our stores and through the eleven permanent cat adoption centers!

In October 2016, 1,090 dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, roosters and other adorable animals found new homes during the Pet Food Express Bay Area Pet Fair in Marin. 

It’s been thrilling to see more than 150,000 pets go to forever homes over the last decade, thanks to our wonderful adoption partners, including Pet Food Express Adoptions.

Adopt from Pet Food Express Adoptions

PFE donated more than $2.5 million in 2016 to over 50 police K-9 departments, 200+ rescues & shelters, and more than 100 schools in California.

How’d we do it?

  • $365,000+ donated to California pet rescues/shelters via our 20/20 adoption program
  • $291,000 donated to pet groups via the My Mutt program
  • $122,000 to the Save a Kitten campaign (plus product donations)
  • $164,000 to Cover your K-9, the annual police dog fundraiser
  • $220,000 for local rescues and shelters via the Giving Tree (plus product donations)
  • $54,500 donated to animal rescues and shelters via the 2016 Bay Area Pet Fair
  • $1,284,000 of food and litter donations to California rescues and shelters

Our passion for helping the animal community is strongly visible at each of our 62 California stores. For the seventh year running, Pet Food Express was named one of the Top Bay Area Work Places!

Thank you to all our customers and employees—we couldn’t do this without your passion, commitment and generosity.

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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