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Pet Food Ingredient Standards

Choosing our pet's food is one of the most important decisions most of us make for their health and well-being. The numerous recalls in recent years illustrate the tenuous state of food safety in our country.

The lack of regulatory resources coupled with the rapidly growing number of choices, makes it difficult for a pet owner to determine which brands are better or safer. This is why we are taking the unprecedented step in improving pet safety by introducing our new pet food ingredients standards.

We have found that it is the makeup and quality of the ingredients that accounts for the overall quality of your pet’s food. Some ingredients often found in pet foods are inferior or unnecessary and others, although not inherently unsafe or nutritionally inferior, come from questionable sources and too often vary in composition or quality.

In order to offer greater assurances of safety and consistency in the food we sell, Pet Food Express is doing something no other pet supply company has ever done - we are excluding from our shelves what we feel are suspect ingredients found in dog and cat food and treats. They are:

  • Unspecified animal by-products or animal by-product meals
  • “Animal fat “
  • “Meat and bone meal “
  • BHA, BHT, and propylene glycol
  • Artificial colors or flavors

For 20 years, Pet Food Express has been dedicated to providing a wholesome and safe selection of pet foods and treats. We promise to continue to research the latest developments in pet food so that we can be certain that we are doing the best for our pets….and yours.

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