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9-year-old from Marin County raises nearly $1,400 to buy police dog vests

July 13, 2017


When 9-year-old Wyatt began raising money for police dogs, his parents expected he'd garner a couple hundred dollars. After a year of diligent fundraising, Wyatt handed nearly $1,400 to the Police & Working K-9 Foundation.

The cause is especially dear to the Marin County boy – his grandfather was in the San Francisco police dog unit in the late 1970s.

"Wyatt had recently talked to his grandfather about his experiences," explained Wyatt's mother, Shannon, who withheld her son's last name. She said Wyatt was especially shocked to learn that his grandfather's dog, Max, went to work with no protection, just a star around his neck.

Goaded further by an assignment from his third-grade teachers to "leave the world a better place" by the end of the school year, Wyatt set out raising funds. He began by selling handmade paracord bracelets, hosting frequent lemonade stands and collecting up the change he had been saving for a toy.

Wyatt's efforts culminated in the ultimate honor: becoming the 2017 Cover Your K-9 Ambassador.

Louise Tully, the co-founder and president of the foundation, says Wyatt's duties include showing up to fundraising events and "inspiring people to protect canine teams." Accordingly, Wyatt will make an appearance at his local Pet Food Express this weekend for its annual Cover Your K-9 fundraiser.

The 61 participating locations will donate all the proceeds from pet washes purchased on Saturday and Sunday to the canine cause.

By Michelle Robertson

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