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Adoptable Pets: Pets need emergency preparation, too

March 17, 2011

The Oakland Tribune

For those of us who were in 'denial' prior to last week's disaster in Japan, surely we are now reminded and awakened to the possibility of catastrophe.

The experts say that similar earthquake occurrences will visit the Bay Area, and only the when? is in question. So as we prepare, it is essential that we keep our pets in mind so that in emergency, we can quickly grab pre-packed provisions for all the household members. Include the following for pets in order to lessen last-minute confusion:

Sealed food and bottled water; a collapsible bowl; any medications your pet may need; a blanket or towel; and a crate and/or cat carrier. We suggest that you have a harness with easy closures on hand for last-minute 'grabs'.

In a disaster aftermath, there are always pets found on roofs, or wandering aimlessly in confusion and it can take days for rescuers to gather them together for identification. Therefore, it is imperative that tags, microchips or other ID be on the pet. Keep a collar on all pets to aid in any eventuality, be it disaster, theft or wandering off and you will retrieve your pet much sooner.

On April 9, the Humane Society of Alameda, always generous with their time and money, is hosting an event providing FREE microchips for your pets at the Pet Food Express in the Bridgeside Shopping Center on Blanding Avenue. Be there with your leashed dog or crated cat between 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

By Linda Treml Hallam

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My Mutt Program

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