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PLL to schedule disaster drill in June

April 16, 2015

Sonoma Index - Tribune

Greetings Sonoma! I have been back from New Orleans for two weeks now and I’m still talking about it. It was a fabulous trip and a great animal care conference.

From that conference came all the information we need to do our Emergency Preparedness Drill, which we have scheduled for Saturday, June 6, here at Pets Lifeline. Look for more information on this soon as we want participation from the public. We will be setting up a mobile sheltering facility on the premises and want folks to bring their dogs to us.

The purpose is to mimic a situation where animals are either lost or displaced because homes are destroyed or neighborhoods are evacuated in a disaster. It is always wise to be prepared.

This weekend, please come visit us as we celebrate the grand opening of Pet Food Express! Pets Lifeline will be there with adoptable cats and dogs and look forward to partnering with PFE often on monthly adoption events. The store looks great and has beautiful pictures of rescue dogs and cats from our favorite local Sonomans.

When you are in the store, check them out as most are PLL alumni. The My Mutt program of Pets Food Express is a very generous way they support local shelters. You donate $500 to the shelter of your choice (which we hope is us), Pet Food Express sends a professional photographer to you who takes these amazing pictures of your pet, has them blown up into a large poster with the pet’s name and shelter they came from (where applicable) and displays them for one year at the store.

I know there is some concern about Pet Food Express not being a local company, but in fact, it is a Bay Area company started by two animal lovers. They have an amazing culture of giving back to the communities where they have stores and providing adoption opportunities for shelters and rescue pets.

We have some cute little puppies that have come in as strays since last I wrote. Levi and Odessa are a pair of 4-month-old chihuahua/dachsundy/min pin mixes, one brown, the other brown and black, and Tiffany a sweet fawn and white teacup chi who is about 10-to-12-weeks-old. A-dorable! Of course, we have our other little snuggle bunnies, Rue, Twinkle, Bonita and Johnnie who are available for adoption and just waiting for their forever home. In the medium-to- large size, Willie, our sweet chocolate pit bull who was tied up to our sign in front, is doing really well. Such a beautiful and loving dog. He would make a great family pet.

Our famous Pharrell, another fawn and white chihuahua mix is now a Bay Area celebrity after being featured on KRON-TV by our own local celebrity Mark Danon. Mark is my new hero as he will be featuring a Pets Lifeline Pet of the Week every Friday morning at 9:45 a.m. on KRON-TV. From all of us at Pets Lifeline, thank you Mark.

Kitten season is off to a robust start, ladies and gents. We have taken in more than 25 kittens just in the last week. We have three moms with kittens (we love when they can stay with their mom the first three-to-four weeks), three pairs of bottle babies, four 4-week-olds and four more 3-week-olds that came in on Tuesday.

By the time this goes to print, we’ll probably have more.

Give us a call if you are interested in our kitten foster program. There is some training required, but we’d rather see the babies in a home environment until they are up to 2 pounds, which is usually about 2 months. Then we can spay/neuter, vaccinate and microchip for adoption.
So if you see any kittens in the tall grass or have a pregnant mom, bring them to us. We will take good care of them. Until we meet again ... peace, love and paws.

By Nancy King 
Pets Lifeline (PLL)

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

Want to get your pet’s picture on our walls? Donate $250 or more to your local shelter or rescue. Details on the My Mutt Program

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