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Self-Service Pet Wash

You clean your dog - we clean the mess!

Self-Service Pet Wash - $15

No appointment, no hassle.

Just $15

Tired of fighting with your dog to stay in the tub during a bath? Worried about washing your pet outside with cold water? Wash your dog in our pet wash.

What's Included:

  • Back-saving raised tubs
  • Complementary premium shampoo selection
  • Fresh towels, aprons, and blow dryers
  • We clean the mess!

    What it is:

    Our Self-Service Dog Wash is the best place to wash your pets. Our raised tubs and water-proof aprons keep pet parents dry and pain-free while our convenient leash clips and great selection of natural shampoos mean you can meet your pet grooming needs without a trip to the groomer.

    All pets—from cats to pigs to sheep—are welcome in our self-serve dog wash.


    How it works:

    1) Choose a pet wash station and secure your furry friend in the raised tub by attaching your dog’s collar or harness to one of our easy-to-         use tie-downs.
    2) Enter a token into the machine, select warm-water-rinse and gently rinse your dog with the extended shower head.
    3) Select a complementary premium shampoo. Easily lather your dog with shampoo that is premixed with water and dispenses directly from       shower-head.
    4) Rinse thoroughly.
    5) Once you’re done washing your dog, drying couldn’t be easier. Towel your pet down and finish with the air-dryer next to the tub.
    6) Leave the mess behind and go spend time with your clean, happy dog!


    The self-service pet wash costs $15 per token, and is also part of our Buy Three get the Fourth Free program, so $45 for four washes. Once you pop the token into the machine, the pet wash station is active for 25 minutes—which is usually long enough to wash two dogs!



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