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Wound Care, Hot Spots, and E Collars


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Many dog owners treat their pets as if they were one of their children. When our children hurt themselves (they always find a way) we're quick to treat their scrapes and wounds ourselves. When dogs hurt themselves we're quick to react the same way. However, the best way to treat your child for an injury isn't necessarily the best way to treat your dog.

Wound Care

Dogs get injured from time to time. Whether it be rough-housing with other dogs or simply playing in the back yard, dogs inevitably suffer a cut or bruise on occasion.

Small cuts and scrapes can usually be treated at home, but you should never treat them with human antibiotics. These antibiotics are designed for human bodies and can cause potentially serious problems in your pet. Plus, although it may be tempting, you really don't have to put a Band-Aid on the problem area.

Here are some words of wisdom to think of when your dog gets wounded: if there's enough blood that you think it requires a Band-Aid, you should take him to your vet.

Hot Spots

Hot spots are nasty looking open sores. They can be caused by a wide range of factors including flea bites, stress, or skin allergies. Hot spots can be very painful for your dog, but fortunately there are numerous ways to treat them at home, including ointments and shampoos. (See the related products below.)

E Collars

We've all probably seen a dog wearing a lampshade-like device around its head before. These devices are known as "E Collars" (the "E" is short for Elizabethan).

Aside from making your dog look ridiculous, they serve a practical purpose. The use of E Collars is a drastic measure that is designed to prevent dogs from chewing things (their paws, stitches, and hot spots). The length of time a dog has to wear an E Collar varies. It all depends on how well your dog's problem is being treated. It usually only takes a matter of days, but for more serious cases it can take weeks.

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