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Back to Balance Canine Dog Training

Phone: (408)540-9764

 Back to Balance Canine Dog Training

About Back to Balance Canine:
At Back to Balance Canine, we use a variety of methods that best suits the needs of you and your dog. Dogs that are coming in to learn basic on and off leash manners would be trained in a balanced method. As balanced trainers, we start training new commands and behaviors with rewards to positively guide the dog in the right direction. As time goes and the level of understanding gets better, we would start to raise the level expectations on the dog. Just as often as we are rewarding correct behavior, we will be adding some type of pressure to discourage incorrect behavior.

We take a different approach when dealing with dogs that come in with more specific problems and are showing negative behaviors towards dogs, people, or certain environments. These dogs are living in an unbalanced mindset. We would concentrate fully on their state of mind and use a more dog psychology approach. While focusing on their state of mind we bring to notice a communication system that both you and your dog naturally use but may be unaware of how to use it.

Group Classes offered at Pet Food Express Los Gatos

4:30pm Canine Good Citizen Prep Class
5:30pm Beginning Trick Class
6:30pm Puppy Social (By appointment only)

Puppy Socials- 6 months or younger, up to 5 puppies.
$25 per visit
Puppies learn proper play habits while supervised by a trainer. Humans will learn dog behavior and body language! (proof of second round of vaccinations required)

Beginners Trick Class- any age welcome, 2 to 5 dogs per class.
$150 per 6-week class
Call to ensure dogs readiness for class. Curriculum: appropriate markers, creating a learning environment, creating an active mind in your dog. (proof of second round of vaccinations required)

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class: Preparation Class- any age welcome, 2 to 5 dogs per class. Basic obedience required.
$150 per 6-week course
This class will prepare you and your dog to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, which evaluates your dogs’ public manners and general obedience to be a well-mannered family member. (proof of second round of vaccinations required)

Available at the following Pet Food Express locations:
Los Gatos

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My Mutt Program

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