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East Bay SPCA Dog Training Program


The East Bay SPCA Dog Training Program is designed to enrich the bond between you and your companion through positive reinforcement methods. We offer three class levels, and private training for your cat or dog:

Beginner classes are designed for those handlers and dogs who are new to the world of dog training! If you have never taken a class before, this is a great place to start! We teach the basics so you and your dog can create a solid bond and foundation on the track to meeting your overall behavior and training goals, as a team. 

Our advanced classes are geared toward those who have taken a prerequisite course, or for humans and their dogs who are looking to achieve that next level of behavior and training greatness!. 

Our specialty classes are designed to be fun, informative, and really take your behavior and training to the next level! 

During our one hour puppy social for puppies ages 2-6 months, your pup will get to romp with other pups his/her own age! They will have a blast burning off that puppy energy while they chase, play and wrestle with their new friends! They won't even notice all of the important things they'll be learning. Puppy socials are great for developing social skills, practicing bite inhibition, and developing relationships with both people and dogs. One of our trainers will be present to supervise the fun and answer your puppy training questions. 

Private training sessions are best for owners who have specific behavior concerns and need one-on-one assistance from a trainer. In our private training sessions, one of our professional trainers will observe and work closely with you and your pet to make recommendations for training and management plans. 



East Bay SPCA Dublin Adoption Center: 4651 Gleason Drive


Class Cancellations
We require a 50% class enrollment in order to run the class. If that minimum is not met 2 days before the class, the class will be cancelled. We will contact you 2 days before the class was going to begin to notify you of the cancellation. You will have the option of enrolling in an alternative class, receiving credit toward a future class, or receiving a full refund.

Refund Policy
We will refund your class fee if you cancel in writing 3 days before the class starts. Enrollments within 3 days of the class are not eligible for refunds for any reason. If you adopt from us and return the dog, your fees are not refundable for any reason.

Families with Dogs
Because having and training a dog is a family affair, we encourage family members and kids to come to class with the handler. However, it is important that some guidelines be followed with regard to children.

Children must under parental control at all times. Please explain to your children that not all dogs are friendly towards children and therefore they should obtain the owner’s permission before approaching another dog. Handlers must be at least 13 years of age.

Additional Information
Your dog must be spayed or neutered to attend our dog training classes, with the exception of puppies under 6 months old. If you have questions, regarding this, please contact us at We have two low cost Spay / Neuter Centers located in Oakland and Dublin.

We do not allow prong collars or choke collars in our dog training classes.

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