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Linda Fletcher – Palo Alto Dog Training LLC

Phone: (650) 867-0226

Trainer: Linda Fletcher

Linda Fletcher received her Certificate in Canine Assessment and Handling from Trish King’s Academy of Dog Behavior and is currently finishing her training to become a certified Nose Work® Instructor through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). She has been an active participant in the K9 Nose Work® sport since the very first classes were offered locally in 2011.

In working toward her certification, Linda took seminars and training from the founders of the K9 Nose Work sport and from top instructors in the professional detection-dogs field. Additionally, for two years she assisted certified local trainer, Pam Behrens, in training Nose Work® classes. Linda has a Bachelor of Science degree from San Jose State University and continues her education in dog behavior and ethology by taking seminars and reading extensively. It’s her goal to offer clients the very latest techniques and positive, rewards-based training, for calm, happy and healthy dogs.

Since 2011, Linda has competed in Nose Work with Tigger, her Labrador Retriever, at several levels, attaining NW1, NW2, L1-I, L1-V, and L2-I Titles. In October 2012, Tigger was awarded the coveted Harry Award, which is “given to the most outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work at the NW1 level.”

Linda is a member of the APDT. When not running or participating in K9 Nose Work classes, trials and other events, she assists in dog training classes at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, where she volunteers in the Dog Behavior and Training Department.

Class Schedule

Mountain View:

Wednesdays: 6:30pm - 7:30pm


Tuesday: Nose Works 10am - 12pm
                                     5pm - 7pm


Start dates vary so please visit for up-to-date class information or additional classes.

Class Descriptions:

At Palo Alto Dog Training, we work with each dog according to his strengths, and proceed at his own pace. We keep the enterprising dogs challenged and excited, while supporting dogs that may have environmental sensitivities with more accessible, confidence-building searches.

I accept dogs of any age or physical condition, from puppy to senior. Dog-reactive dogs are welcome at most locations. I will evaluate people-reactive dogs on a case-by-case basis. Each dog must be able to stay in a crate or the owner’s vehicle during class, except when doing his/her own searches (I can assist in helping your dog adapt to a crate if that is a problem.)

Class: Introduction to Nose Work (6 weeks)
From the first class, your dog will enjoy success in nose work with exercises set up to motivate her to find a treat or toy. Using reward-based training, your dog will learn to focus on finding her toy or treats in search boxes located throughout the training room, in spite of distractions. In addition, by carefully observing our dogs, you’ll learn how scent travels through the room. You may take this class more than once if you wish to build more drive or a stronger foundation.

Prerequisites: Your dog must be able to stay in a crate or your car for parts of each class. No other obedience or specialized training of any kind is required to get started.

Equipment: Leash attached to a flat collar or back-clip harness. Excellent treats. If you think your dog may be more toy than food motivated, bring some extra special toys as well.

Class: Introduction to Vehicles and Exteriors (6 weeks)
Building on the successes achieved in Intro to Nose Work, your dog will continue to explore the excitement of nose work, by moving out of doors. Using reward-based training, your dog will learn to search while in the more distracting outdoor environment. In addition, careful observation of our dogs will teach us how scent travels outdoors, under varying conditions. You may take this class more than once if you wish to build more drive or a stronger foundation.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Nose Work or approval of instructor.

Class: Introduction to Odor (6 weeks)
Building on the successes achieved in previous classes, your dog will be introduced to the scent of birch oil. You continue to learn how odor moves through the environment, and your dog will be challenged with more difficult searches and more distracting environments. We will all be learning from each dog’s searching styles and patterns. You may take this class more than once if you wish to build more drive or a stronger foundation.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Vehicles and Exteriors, or approval of instructor.

Class: Continuing Nose Work (6 weeks)
Continuing classes will be added as students progress.

Prerequisites: Intro to Odor, or approval of instructor.

Available at the following Pet Food Express locations:
Mountain View | Saratoga

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