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Nancy Jones - Just Rewards Canine Training and Consulting

Phone: (650) 302-1862

Just Rewards Canine Training and Consulting

Trainer: Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones began teaching obedience and conformation classes in 2000 and has attended and participated in many educational seminars.  In addition to teaching dog obedience classes, she has taught agility, rally and Focus and Control.  She has judged dogs in conformation and obedience and in 2011, she became an APDT Rally (now World Cynosport Rally) judge.  Also, she is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Nancy Jones has been training her own dogs since she brought home her first puppy in 1986.  Her puppy needed to learn manners so she signed up and participated in several puppy classes.  Since then Nancy has trained, competed and put many titles on her dogs in different venues including obedience, conformation, field, rally and agility. 

Nancy, also is a Registered Nurse, certified in Occupation Health.  She has an AAS in nursing and a BA in Physical Education from San Francisco State University.  Nancy enjoys teaching and uses fun, positive methods.

Just Rewards:
Just Rewards provides training and behavior consulting for dogs of all breeds and ages. We use positive reinforcement methods, including clicker training, that are gentle and rewarding for both you and your canine companion. The Just Rewards philosophy combines an understanding of how dogs learn with positive reinforcement to quickly and effectively teach you to communicate with your dog.

Our goal is to help you train the dog you’ve always wanted. Classes are SMALL for individualized attention and problem solving. Methods are simple, easy and fun for the whole family! Whether your dog needs obedience training from A to Z, a little tune up on his manners or has a serious behavior problem like aggression towards dogs, we can help!

Class Schedules

Tuesday - Redwood City (Sequoia Station) 6pm & 7pm

Additional Just Rewards classes (with Wendy Hilton)

Monday - Burlingame 6pm & 7pm
Tuesday - Burlingame 6pm & 7pm
Wednesday - Redwood City (Woodside Plaza) 6pm & 7pm
Thursday - Redwood City (Woodside Plaza) 5:30pm & 6:30pm
Sunday - Redwood City (Woodside Plaza)  afternoons

All classes rotate please visit the Just Rewards website for up-to-date class schedule information.

Class Descriptions and Pricing

Cost: $175 ($10 discount for spayed/neutered dogs OR dogs adopted from shelters or rescue groups)

Puppy Manners - Part 1
This program is for puppies between 10 and 20 weeks old at the start of class. Early training is critical to the develop-ment and socialization of your new puppy. Included in this course are socialization with other puppies and people, crate training, housetraining basics, handling, teaching good bite inhibition, and basic household manners. Your puppy will also learn behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, watch, wait at doors, greet people nicely, leave forbidden items, and walk on a loose leash. The goal is to have a well-socialized and well-mannered puppy at home and when out in public.

Basic Manners
This program is for dogs 5 months of age and older with little to no training or for those wanting to learn how to train their dog using positive reinforcement methods. This course is designed to teach your dog basic household manners, problem solving for both you and your dog, and build reliability around distractions such as dogs, people and noises. Your dog will learn behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, watch, wait at doors, greet people nicely, leave forbidden items, walk on a loose leash, and drop items when asked. We will also cover common behavior problems such as barking, housetraining, jumping and chewing. The goal is to have a well-mannered dog at home and when out in public.

Available at the following Pet Food Express locations:
Redwood City - Sequoia Sta.

My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

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