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Ryan Tulchinsky - Alert K-9

Phone: (925) 240-8292

Alert K-9 Dog Training at Pet Food Express Antioch

Trainer: Ryan Tulchinsky

Ryan Tulchinsky, has studied canine behavior, kennel management, basic, advanced and off leash obedience and protection. Ryan has trained dogs for protection, show, Schutzhund, tracking, agility, and police work; additionally, he specializes in behavioral modification. Ryan also conducts dog safety and training seminars to school children and other organizations, educating people about the importance of training and understanding their pets. If you are looking for a reputable dog trainer who is reliable, professional, and can get the job done then search no more; you have found your guy! Ryan uses a variety of training tools and uses some reward-based methods for early training.

Class Descriptions 




If you have just added a new puppy to your family, we offer a fun and informative program that will provide your puppy with confidence and socialization skills. Some of the topics covered are sit, down, come, stay, heel and wait. In addition, we will help you teach potty training, how to stop mouthing as well as preventing unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing and boredom barking. On top of that we will give you tips on proper nutrition and essential training equipment for raising and training your puppy.

Our puppy classes are for dogs that are as young as 16 weeks and no older than 11 months at the beginning of the program. 

PREPAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN CLASS.  We update the website regularly with class availability and we will always email you back if you have registered for a class that is full or has been canceled due to class  size. {Minimum occupancy 6 students & maximum occupancy 12 students}

Every puppy must be current on all vaccinations and provide proof of shots at the start of the first week of class or email to
Rabies: 1 or 3 yr
Dhpp:  1 or 3yr
Bordatella:  every 6 mths.
This class is NOT for puppies with aggression issues! If your puppy displays forward or aggressive behavior toward other dogs and/or people please sign-up for a Training and behavioral evaluation by emailing us at

Group Class Locations:
Pet Food Express (PFE) address: 5829 Lone Tree Way, Antioch
(First class is orientation and is done inside PFE the following 5 training classes are done outside to the right of the PFE store.)

Alert K-9 Training Center (AK9) address: 901 Bonnie Lane, Brentwood

Please go to to register and for class schedule. Make sure the dates work for you.
There are  NO make-up classes.

$160 (includes 6 classes. 1st class orientation without dog.)
Prepayment must be received to confirm your placement in class.

Available at the following Pet Food Express locations:
Antioch East

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My Mutt Program

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